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Want to upgrade your graphics skills? Create a 3D world and Animate your Graphic skills with some of the best Blender Add-ons in our complete review.

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What is Blender?

Having a creative mind doesn’t solve everything, right? You need some additional software to blend into that juice to recreate the wonder. That’s when the Blender addon comes into the picture, it’s absolutely brilliant if you have been involved with graphics, modeling, creating and transformation.

Blender 3D Navigation Add-On

If you have searched for it and read this far about Blender software then I am sure you know the basics, yet there are certain things about the addons, I mean you are a creative person reading this, you do know that the process of learning just never ends. It’s an elaborate and gigantic as the Milky Way itself.

Taking you back on track Blender is a professional Graphic software specially developed for animation, films, art and much more. Not just that this amazing software caters some of the finest add-ons to the world which has entirely changed the scenario of graphic designers, let me show you what it can create for you.


Collecting all the knowledge about this software and its add-ons is directly proportional to use its skills to create your own designs. It has everything you need and once you are through with its features you will understand what gems of a graphics software this is.

Around the world people use Blender because of its productivity, I don’t have to tell you that it’s an ultimate weapon for studio artists, scientists, VFX expert, game artists, hobbyist and many more. Check out the brilliant work scheme blender offers to the world.

  • Cycle Render

Its one of the powerful engines which help in path-tracing and create some of the expendable and super realistic renderings. The fact that Cycle render uses the real-time rendering moto and fixes everything alongside with CPU and GPU rendering.

To top it off this render engine also supplies PBR shaders to give the special effect to interior designs and HDR lightning pro. 

  • Modeling And Sculpting

You name it, every sketch you create will be well sculpted with this inbuilt software, let me tell you some of the best pointers. If you have been a fan of giving life to your sketches than you are going to love the support it gives to N-gon.

You get to recreate the edge slide, starting from grid and bridge fills to the 3D painting texture the interior of every infrastructure will be at your fingertips.

  • VFX

You can look for something that this features cannot do graphically, it’s absolutely in control to solve your worries when it comes to tracking, VFX is possibly named to be one of the best trackers around. You can import your footage, track it, you don’t just get the auto tracking but a well crafted manual one too. Super camera resolution with real-time preview.

  • Animation And Rigging

The beauty of working with this features is well understood by creative filmmakers. Blender offers some of the best options to give life to animation. Does the automatic skinning of the skeleton for you and curves every bone shape to make it look real. The reality of this feature can be understood once you get on with this software.

  • Story Art of 2D and 3D

It helps the artists to work with 2D and 3D viewpoint which makes a lot of sense, there are some pointers which a user will thoroughly understand if they have been a fan of storyboarding. There are tons of advantages which include the combination of 2D and 3D and also the animation skinning.

  • Take Control

It’s absolutely about the customization and the layout which user deals with, the killer features give you absolute control to make any changes that you would like to. A user can instantly change anything related to their layout starting from colors to screen support Retina.

I am sure your search still continues because you have been looking for some of the blender’s addon, here the deal.

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Best Blender Addon

You must be a frequent user of Blender and apart of this open-source graphics software being free it also introduces some of the amazing add-ons which make this software an ultimate pick.

It gives a solid background to the artist which gives them a brilliant opportunity to recreate their skills to something more than useful and entertaining.

I am aware just how much anything free attracts a soul which is why I am going to discuss five add-ons which are totally free for its users. Also, I don’t want my readers to miss out on anything so expect yourself to be reading something extra if you are already this far.

Blender Add-On List

Everything is an also when it comes to websites and its contents, you might be thinking if you are getting the access for few free addon than how to find the rest and how to install some of the required ones.

Blender has its old version, very latest than comes to the future version so you can install the addons and update with any version which you have been to. Let me give you a gist to some of the paid add-ons that you can utilize to your requirement, Blender can get you hooked on its first meet if you have an eye for art.

  • Mirage

So as the name suggests its absolutely mesmerizing yet paid, but I have got to hand it over to you it’s worth your investment.

Mirage Paid Add-On


It deals with landscapes and nature, if you have been looking to work in an easy software this newly launched add-on can help you with high-cliff terrain and stuff like that, you got the gig, install it.Honestly not my area of expertise this whole mesh thing.

  • Easy Game

Yea, this one got the gamers their very own honey waffle, don’t take it otherwise but this addon “Will cost you”. Its a collection of a lot of tools which give you a quick access to work quickly and precisely with a blender.

Best Blender addon Easy Game


Set of tools to help you carve out best of the best with normal maps, emissive map, and a lot of things. Best part? It has some inbuilt game assets that you can add up to any scene, all just a click away buddy.

  • Retopoflow

This may get a little expensive for you but it provides a perfect environment to create your model.

Retopo Blender Add On


You can use this to retopologize a mesh when you are building or rebuilding a sculpture to use it for your animation.

Free Blender Addons

Now we are talking, isn’t? That’s if you don’t need to invest anything in these add-ons, it’s absolutely free and surprisingly works brilliantly in their particular field.

  • Archimesh

It is best for Architectural purposes. Archimesh is one of the really powerful addons in Blender. Choose your favorite because it will give you ample features to have a crush on. You get the pre-built meshes to choose Windows, doors and every angle that you may need.

  • Sapling

You can’t control the natural rate of growth but This addon in Blender can, A click is all it takes to create beautiful looking forests, one-click to built your specific willow, California Oak etc. You can easily control the nature additions in your animation by its simulation with the wind gesture and more.

  • Multi-Object UV editing

This one steals the limelight because it has a UV map that separates the objects at once. This one can be used for games and mapping both. For users who love to create animation for games, this p addon provides a good platform

  • Blender Material Database

This addon may be at its initial stage of development but it really works wonders with cycle rendering system. Blender Material just pulls out best ones from a pre-built library to let you work on the project/mesh.

  • Pixar’s Renderman

This addon has been the talk of the town since this brilliant Renderman has got developed for a plug-in with Blender, Nice match and more exciting thing it free and can take down all the alpha addons at once.

Blend In

These were just some of the few from out of the many. To get your hands on to the best deals follow our posts for further updates. Why would I say that? Because different readers have the different motive for reading this article. And Blender Add-ons have a lot to offer.

Truth be told, it works best for every aspect when you are involved with graphics and animations rather more than that.

To get your fill, get those free add-ons which can get you more than the basics. And believe me, it’s going to cure all the issues the artist inside you is facing.

Blender Addon | Total Setup |
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