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If you have been looking for an amazing video addon for your Kodi and its the live TV shows that you enjoy then be ready to stay amazed with this brilliant channel pear for Kodi which brings out the best features when it comes to streaming live shows.

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Channel Pear

You might have come across some of the best video add-ons where you can stream all sorts of shows whether it be a pre-recorded or direct from the IPTV but when we are discussing channel-pear it gives an entire variety of front-end videos by giving you access to almost every online streaming and web-based videos on your Kodi software.

Channel Pear For Kodi

Setting Up And Additional Protection

The setting up of this video add-on might be a bit tricky than the rest which we will complete walk you through as you go further into the article and when it’s about taking extra precaution while you browse we recommend you to get hold of a VPN server which will take your streaming one notch higher and better with everything on Kodi.

It completely secures your ISP from being corrupted and you get an enhance security promise to keep your browsing safe if there is anything that you need to know about the best VPN installation check out our other articles which serve the purpose.

A VPN server checks on giving you fast connection, no restrictions or traffic, provide complete compatibility, and no logging policies at all.

I am going to put down a full-length installation process along with a post-installation process explaining some limitation of free channel-PEAR account and setting you channel pear library.

Installation Guide Of Channel Pear For Kodi

Let’s get started with the installation process where you can download channel pear add-on yet remember to follow the entire procedure because later the installation guide is subdivided of how you can pair Kodi with your Channel pear library and most importantly how to get an account for channel-pear.

⦁ The first thing that you have to do before getting into the installation process is getting the repository file and once you have it on your Kodi home screen just check out the system settings
⦁ Select the add-on option to find the channel pear for your Kodi and install the zip file
⦁ You will come across with all the related video add-ons and when you see Plugin.channelPEAR-master.zip click and install it right away.

Channel Pear For Kodi

Once you have this add-on on your home screen the next step is to pair up your Kodi with channel pear library to complete the installation process, it’s pretty easy, just follow the simple steps below to get this sorted.

After having the channel pear addon on your Kodi home screen there this that you have to do, once you open this addon you will see that it’s empty so take this step to fill it up with a channel pear library which will help you find your favorite shows and videos easily.

Signing Up For Channel Pear

⦁ Get into the channel pear website to get the free signing up done, once you go to the website you will find a sign up free button on the left side of the screen to the middle.

Channel Pear For Kodi

⦁ You will be presented with the terms and conditions related to its privacy policy so just click “I agree” after you are satisfied reading it.

Channel Pear For Kodi

⦁ Signing up for free is easy, you just have to fill up the form and put down your own username and password then click the ‘sign up’ button

Channel Pear For Kodi

⦁ There is only one thing left to do after that which is activation of our account which you will have to follow after going into your inbox and confirming the link given by the channel pear website.

Channel Pear For Kodi

It will hardly take any time and your sign up will be ready, once you get into your account, you will find your library empty so just follow few other steps to get it done.

Channel Pear For Kodi

⦁ Once you browse the Media database with your free account you will find five channels to add up to your library.

Channel Pear For Kodi

⦁ Just add the channels you want and click on the library, select the pair device option and you will have to copy paste the URL.

Channel Pear For Kodi

⦁ It’s really easy to follow after that you just have to get back to your Kodi homepage and right click on the add-on of channel pear Icon and get the add-on settings done.

Channel Pear For Kodi

⦁ You have to add on the URL by pasting it in the settings
⦁ If instantly you don’t have access to your library then just close your Kodi for once and reopen to get the library after which you can add whatever you want.

Limitations For Free Channel- Pear Users

Even though Channel pear is completely free for any user but it does come up with some limitation which every user should know who has signed up for the channel- pear for free.

Let me show you some of the pointers which you may have to know and alongside I would also like to mention the premium subscription process if it interests you and you might need that in the long run.

⦁ You will have maximum of 5 media which you can access for free in your library
⦁ You can pair up two devices with the IP address at the maximum
Now if you are willing to get the account access full-fledged you can always get the premium subscription and enjoy the additional benefits out of it,
⦁ You will get unlimited media sources to stream to your library
⦁ Pairing up becomes easier and you can pair up as many devices as you want
⦁ You are going to have the M3U playlist support your library to provide you with latest hits
⦁ A dedicated customer support to help you across with any difficulty.

Basics of Channel Pear

After installing and signing up with channel pear you can an access any content you like. Also, you can pair up to enjoy streaming. Let me tell you what are the basic features you will use after setting your library.

Once you click on to the media database which you will find on top of that page, there you are going to find the options with some of the Most popular, Most recent, categories along with submit media.

Browsing is easier when you have such options, you can find the topics according to your requirements and land upon the content you have been looking for, and for instance, if you are looking for some content in a different language then going through the category is a good way to go.

Channel pear also comes with the filter option so now if you are willing to limit your searches to only add-ons, you can easily select the filter option with online or geo-locked.

Pros And Cons Of Channel Pear

After going through all the possible installation guide and pairing up a solution, I would really want to top it off with some additional information about channel-pear add-on which would be beneficial for you once you have it for your Kodi software.

Though you won’t find a lot of downsides once you subscribe to the premium version the more information you have over this add-on the better.


⦁ Greatest strength of having channel pear for your Kodi would be its huge number of media sources to choose from
⦁ Provides you with 2000 options for streaming
⦁ Users love it’s real-time online/offline/geo-locked that makes streaming easy and fun.


⦁ You will have open the browser in order to manage all your media sources
⦁ Category has further subdivisions into further categories making it confusing for the users.

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Wrapping Up,

A Kodi user would know the importance once they have started using channel pear for their device. It is undoubtedly brilliant. The channel has ranked among one of a unique Kodi add-on.

The features are extremely easy to use which give an exposure to wide range of entertainment. But there is always some limitation to a free account. Sign up to make sure. Once you get the hang of it, the premium subscription will solve most of the basic issues which you might face.

That one thing which every Channel Pear user would want to know is that whether or not it’s worth the investment. And my answer to that question would be that it depends. It depends on the user’s preferences and how much they like or dislike the service.

Also, there has always been a craze for Kodi users to add in top-notch video add-ons then there is no chance you can live without channel-Pear. The contents are fresh and offer you brilliant media sources to stream from and get high on entertainment.

Get Channel Pear For Kodi
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