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If your system/laptop is not playing high-quality graphic displays and you can’t watch 4K videos, then you badly need a good graphics processor. And guess what? You don’t have to change your PC setup completely. Just adding the best external GPU will do the job! In the past, gamers preferred desktop gaming for a top-notch gaming experience that just gives you an amazing experience.

However, with more advancements in games and technology, it’s now possible to connect the Best External GPU to your laptops to boost its performance. And here eGPU enclosures enter the picture. eGPU enclosures are independent machines holding a desktop graphics card and supply power to it. You can connect them to your laptop and give it the horsepower it requires to run hard-core demanding games.

An impressive fact is that some even fit an SSD and HDD, offering you extra space to store your favorite games. Also, the best External GPU enhances the graphic capabilities of your PC. And, it helps you to view videos in high-resolution videos with games that require high-end graphics cards. Now the concern is, there are hundreds of External GPUs spread over the market.


Razer Core X

Top Features

PSU: 550W | DIMENSIONS: 300 × 140 × 173 mm | Slots: PCIe x16 | I/O PORTS: 1 × Thunderbolt 3, 2 × HDMI, 3 × DisplayPort, 1 × Ethernet, 3 × USB 3.0 | Compatibility: Windows & macOS

Next Best

Gigabyte Aorus RTX 3080 Gaming Box

Top Features

PSU: 550W | DIMENSIONS: 300 × 140 × 173 mm | Slots: PCIe x16 | I/O PORTS: 1 × Thunderbolt 3, 2 × HDMI, 3 × DisplayPort, 1 × Ethernet, 3 × USB 3.0 | Compatibility: Windows & macOS

Points To Understand Before Buying The Best External GPU Enclosure

If you have decided to buy an external GPU enclosure, then pause for a moment and go through the following points.

The facts mentioned below are something every gamer should go through before going for an External GPU enclosure purchase. 

1. Most Enclosures Don’t Include A GPU


Note that, many external GPU enclosures usually don’t include graphics cards.

Points To Understand Before Buying The Best External GPU Enclosure

Mostly, these are simply boxes with a power supply, number of ports, and graphics card space. Most likely, You will need to find a graphics card by throwing some money for the external GPU enclosure.

2. Many Enclosures Have Removable Power Supply

Multiple external GPU enclosures nowadays come with a removable power supply. And it’s really necessary.

This is because if you get a GPU enclosure with a weak PSU then you can replace it with a powerful one. However, before you make an order, ensure that the PSU can be replaced.

3. Using an External GPU Requires a Thunderbolt Port

The Thunderbolt port presence (Thunderbolt 3 in many cases) is the requirement in many external GPU enclosures.

Thunderbolt Port 3

Old models are Thunderbolt 2 standard compatible, and we won’t recommend these because they don’t offer a bandwidth of Thunderbolt 3.

Also, the latest one has the capacity to deliver 100W power, which can effectively be used to power up your laptop. And the max power output of Thunderbolt 3 is very low.

4. The GPU Enclosure Must Be Compatible With Your Computer

Many external GPU enclosures work with specific versions of Mac, Linux, or Windows operating systems.

The GPU Enclosure Must Be Compatible With Your Computer

Moreover, some GPU enclosures work with only a single OS. Therefore, before you pull the trigger and buy one, make sure you check the compatibility of the EGPU enclosure with your system.

5. Check that The GPU Enclouse Has Sufficient Power For Your GPU

This is the last point but the most important one. Always check that the GPU enclosure you will buy has sufficient power for the GPU.

We told you earlier also, that if you find a PSU weak then you can replace it with the new one. Also, check the size compatibility of the GPU before purchasing one as most gamers overlook this.

6 Best External GPU Enclosures – Top Picks

This is box title

Best External GPU Enclosure – Razer Core X

To be honest, it is the Excellent one! Our best external GPU enclosure that gamers wholeheartedly love is Razer Core X.As the name suggests, it leaves nothing extra to be desired. This beast supports laptops such as Blade Pro, Razer Blade, and Blade Stealth. Not only this, this product comes with the compatibility of Thunderbolt 3 making it preferable for laptops. Also, it supports both Mac and Windows OS for excellent results.


  • Supports multiple GPUs
  • Supports triple-slot graphics cards
  • Neutral exterior design


  • Size and weight make it less portable
  •  No additional ports
  •  Heavy

Also, talking about the high-end GPUs, it features a supply unit of 650-watt which is enough to manage the most recent gaming graphics cards.

The Razer already has a reputation for being an albeit expensive, excellent gaming product, delivering optimum efficiency, compatibility, and performance.

It has a large capacity and can support triple graphics cards ideal for the larger high-end models. These are the things that the Razer Core X will offer you as a strong external GPU enclosure.


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