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Check out these exciting and feature-rich Google Chrome Addons for 2017. Install extensions to your Chrome browser and take advantage of the added features and functions that the add-ons bring in.

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Google Chrome Web Browser

The Google Chrome web browser in the present age is probably the best available and the most widely used for browsing the internet.

Google Chrome Addon

Chrome, since its release, has overtaken plenty of other similar software in popularity like internet explorer, opera internet browser, and Mozilla Firefox. The Chrome browser has become the primary choice for individuals and enterprises for daily use due to the browser’s features and capabilities.

Here in this article, you will find a list of the very best of the available add-ons or extensions for Google Chrome available from their Chrome Web Store.

How to Install Google Chrome Addon?

If you new to using Google Chrome or are unaware of the installation process of Chrome add-ons and extensions, you can simply follow this guide to learn about the steps involved.

  • Run Google Chrome
  • Access the Chrome Web Store
  • Type in the query in the available search field and hit enter
  • Click on the button Add Extension to install the program to your Chrome browser.

The extension will be displayed as a small square button in the top right corner just beside Settings (three vertical dots). Click on this button to use the features of the installed extension for Chrome.

It is also helpful to note, uninstalling or removing Chrome from your system does not uninstall or remove an extension from your Chrome browser. The Chrome web browser is developed by Google is also maintained by integration of your Google ID.

When you log in to the Chrome browser using your Google account all installed extensions and bookmarks will be displayed in the Chrome browser window.

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Best Google Chrome Addons

Add-ons for Google Chrome is more popularly known as extensions for Chrome and are used extensively by users.

Best Google Chrome Addons Installing

Installing extensions on your Chrome browser makes the software more powerful and capable. Install an extension that you need and check the amazing new features added to the browser.

Evernote Web Clipper

The Evernote Web Clipper is brilliant and featured extension for Chrome and installing it makes browsing or accessing your favorite websites a lot easier. Bid farewell to the age-old system of keeping bookmarks to important links for further reference.

The Evernote Web Clipper extension for Chrome is can do a lot more than just making your bookmarks better. The add-on on Chrome is a web clipper, just don’t save links, save the whole page using Evernote.

The extension comes handy when doing research on the net or when gathering information about a certain topic. The extension is also accompanied by an Android app, which when synced with your account gives cross-platform access to your saved pages and links.

Bitly Extension by

With the rapid growth of the internet, the way we learn and share new information has really evolved. While sharing information or writing on websites external or outbound links are often very important for gathering the required data.

Often these links are too long and when copied users tend to miss out on the last few characters. Bitly comes real handy in such cases, the Bitly extension for Chrome helps you to shorten the huge links that you copy from the address bars and add to your document or share.

Google Hangouts

You are probably familiar with the features and functionality of Google Hangouts. To access Google Hangouts you no longer have to follow the old traditional long process. The Chrome Web Store has just the right extension for this.

Using The Google Hangout add-on or extension on your Chrome browser will let you access and use Google Hangout with just one click. Take part in group chats and take video calls directly on your Google Chrome browser using the Google Hangouts extension for Chrome

Speedtest by Ookla

If you are having problems or need exact details about the status and vitals of your internet connection this extension is exactly the one you need. The Speedtest add-on of Ookla brings to you the world’s most trusted name to test internet connection directly to your Chrome browser.

Add the Speedtest by Ookla extension to your Chrome browser and run the test to get the exact details of your internet connection like Upload speed, Download Speed, data Transfer rate and much more.

Office Online

The Office Online is the perfect solution if you are good with tech and the internet. You, me and all of us, we have all used the Microsoft Office suite for official, professional and personal; purposes.

The Office Online Extension or add-on for Google Chrome is a lifesaver in this aspect. Adding Office Online extension to your Chrome browser not only gives you access to the most popular software like Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Excel but also makes it available globally worldwide.

Simply log-in to the chrome browser using your Google ID and get all your saved data and documents from within the Office Online add-on for Chrome.

Grammarly For Chrome

You have probably heard about and know by now about the latest online tool that has almost taken the world by storm. Grammarly is probably the most comprehensive grammar checking tool available for use. The tool used to be available only from their website but things have changed a little bit.

The developers at has released an add-on for Chrome browser for easily availing the services. Just add Grammarly extension to your Google Chrome browser and never make silly grammar mistakes and bloopers.

Wrapping Up Google Chrome Addons

Add-ons on Chrome just like add-ons of other software add many features to the browser. The add-on of Google Chrome is marketed as extensions. Adding them to your browser gives users added functionality and features. That makes everyday work easier than ever.

Add one of the mentioned Add-ons for Chrome today. Try out the outstanding features that these bring to your chrome browser.

Best Utility Google Chrome Addons | 2017 |
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