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Want to install Horus Builds On Kodi? Read the easiest guide to setup Horus XXL or Horus V2 on your Kodi player with top 3 best Add-ons list for Horus Build.

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Horus Builds On Kodi

Horus Build for Kodi is one of the most popular software to power Kodi players. With users from all over the world both versions Horus XXL and Horus V2 have a huge market in the overcrowded and volatile industry. That is why we are here to help you out with installing the best Horus Build on your Kodi Player.

Horus Kodi Build

Installing Best Horus Build

Horus build being popular among Kodi users globally gives rise to a huge demand and compatibility over many platforms. The Horus build for Kodi is build to run on almost all versions and editions of Kodi operating systems. Follow the simple steps below to get Horus Build on your Kodi player.

  1. Open Kodi player using the desktop icon or from the start menu
  2. Select System
  3. Next, choose File Manager and select Add Source
  4. On the add source screen, find and click where it says <none>
  5. Copy the code given below and paste it into the available field
    Link: https://echocoder.co.uk/repo/
  6. Save the file/ link with a preferred file name

Now you have successfully added the source to your Repository Setup. Navigate back to the home screen of the Kodi player and proceed with the following steps

  1. Click on System from the main menu
  2. Select Settings and choose add-ons
  3. Next, click on Install from Zip file
  4. Scroll down and click to install the Echo repository
    The zip file that contains the Echo repository is named echo-x.x
  5. Choose echo-x.x and install
    Your file source from Echo repository is now ready, you access it again by navigating back to systems settings

Now that you have successfully added and installed the Echo Repository to your system, let’s proceed with installing Horus Build on Kodi. Now you need to install the Echo wizard from the repository.

  1. From the home screen, click on System and select Settings
  2. Choose Add-ons and select Install from repository
  3. Access the Echo repository from the list
  4. Go to Program Add-ons
  5. Select and install the Echo Wizard

Ok, now you are done with the hardest part of the installation process of Horus Build for Kodi. Now that you have successfully integrated the Echo Wizard with your Kodi system simple go to Programs and choose Echo Wizard. From the available options, select Echo builds.

There are two versions or as the developers call them flavors of the Horus Build for Kodi: Horus XXL and Horus V2. Select either of the two and finish installing Horus Build on Kodi

Horus V

Let’s start off by talking about the lighter version of the software, Horus V2 is a minimalistic version of the original Horus XXL. Horus V2 is by no means less powerful for being a lighter version. The Horus V2 edition works perfectly with minimum errors and lags being only 93 MB in download size.

Looking like a well designed and organized interface with a wide variety of apps and updated links Horus V2 is certainly an impressive option. The Horus V2 build for Kodi is filled with thousands of add-ons of all variables which you expect from any other Kodi build.

Browsing through the Menu is way too simple. The planning and designing are well, making it a super fast option to search for your content. The available Memory usage bar above the main menu always displays information about the system resources.

Being lesser 100 MB in size the Horus V2 is impressively fast and one of the best options to consider when running Kodi from a USB stick. Also one of the best parts about Horus v2 is Echo support, being maintained by the entire team of developers at Kodi solutions and answers are easier to receive, unlike other available options.

Some are often developed and maintained an individual and that’s it. Sporting an updated and well- organized menu Horus V2’s home screen contains very little but practical option being built on a minimalistic approach.

The menu includes 13 main pages (Live TV, movies, TV Shows etc)  with most having five sub-menus in each Live TV > Cosmix, MerallIQ, CCCloud TV).

Horus XXL

Other than Horus V2 you also have the option of choosing the Horus XXL edition. The XXL edition is the marketed as the Flagship build of Echo’s products with multiple handy widgets Horus XXL build for Kodi is truly a powerful software.

Installing Best Horus Builds Kodi Horus Builds Horus XXL

Though being a flagship product from Echo the software has received a lot of criticism from users. The basic and first problem users mention is that the software design. The menu page colors do not sit well with the eyes and the main menu is outdated and non-responsive.

The XXL build also contains multiple discontinued add-ons that were taken down long ago.  The build also crashes from time to time from trying to stream Live TV forcing users to reboot their systems. Outdated add-ons are also a big distraction and can confuse users with their broken links.

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The significant bright part about the flagship Horus XXL Build for Kodi is the availability of some of the really fun and uber geeky setting widgets. If you are are a person who is obsessed with facts and vitals relating to the performance of your PC you can fetch certain details pretty easily.

Access the System settings check Koddi uptime, network links and its status, CPU usage, Video frame rate and much more. This can feel like a paradise when in the right hands but the overall performance hinders the build’s unique qualities.

Best Add-ons for Horus Build

The developers of Horus V2 has also produced multiple significant add-ons compatible with their software. The main menu initially gives you access to the most reliable links namely Exodus, SportsDevil and Evolve.

These are reputed add-ons not only for Horus Build Kodi systems but throughout the Kodi community. Let’s talk about these popular add-ons a bit more in detail. 

  • Covenant

Covenant, a very popular add-on Kodi is also the successor of the now-defunct add-on Exodus. Exodus was taken in early 2017 helping Covenant make its name.

Covenant Add On or Kodi For Horus Build

The Covenant add-on for Kodi by THEALPHA is taking giant strides since rising in popularity among users especially those of Exodus. It has improved interface as compared to its predecessors and is also easy to use.

Exodus meanwhile has made a comeback to the market receiving updates quietly and slowly from developers and also picking up a pace and generating traffic like it used to. The Covenant addon is available from the Colossal Repository.

You can download Colossal repository and install the add-on or download it directly from the repository via Github. I recommend using Github to download Covenant add-on for Kodi.

  • SportsDevil

Judging by the name, the add-on focuses on sports-related content, also with the option enabling you to watch  Live TV  similar to some other add-ons like Castaway and cloud TV.

SportsDevil Add On For Kodi On Horus Build

Using the SportsDevil add-on, you can stream live TV from different working various links.

Look up the available hundreds and thousands of options when every included source put together. As many Kodi add-ons are going offline in recent times, SportsDevil somehow managing to survive the danger of replacement. Unlike the affected add-ons, SportsDevil is still fully operational with working links and available for your Kodi player.

Only very few add-ons for Kodi specializes sports-related content for which the SportsDevil add-on has become a mainstay to users and fans who use Kodi player for watching their favorite matches or bouts. 

  • Evolve

Evolve is a new add-on compared to the above mentioned two. As it has a wide variety of content including movies, TV shows, and Live TV streaming, it is rising in charts so fast.

Evolve Add On For Kodi or Horus Build

From Kids shows to also audiobooks and live sports to festivals and fitness here’s all. The evolve add-on packs a variety of content you can’t even finish going through.

Evolve is also a great source for HD quality movies or karaoke, you can find them too using the Markov section available in the add-on. The sports channel BeinSports comes with the add-on proving seamless stream on the channel. Further, it rarely will have buffering related issues.

The Evolve add-on having a huge database no wonder is rising in the ranks that too very fast. As of now, there aren’t too many problems against the Evolve add-on in user community forms which also shows the stability of the software.

Wrapping Up Our Horus Build Setup Guide

As discussed in the above article, the best version of Horus build for Kodi is definitely Horus V2. With ample working links and a stable system, Horus V2 Build is definitely a great option to choose to power your Kodi player.

Until the time the developers invest in revamping their Flagship Horus XXL Build, the software is pretty much doomed. A majority of the existing users also opt for other similar options resulting in the lighter version Horus V2 developed with a minimalist module the more logical option to go for.

Horus Builds On Kodi | Total Installation |
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