All You Need To Know About The Legal Issues Of Kodi Box

Are you facing problems your fully loaded Kodi Boxes? Can’t seem to access its services like before? Read on to know more about the situation and legal issues relating to fully Loaded Kodi Box.

What is A Kodi Box?

Kodi media player or as popularly known as just Kodi is a free to download an open-source media player.

Kodi Box

You can use Kodi media player you can access almost all streaming services. They may include sports, movies, and TV from the internet. Apart from them, it also accesses media files from your local storage.

The Kodi media player is an HTPC software. It can be highly customized with skins to change the look and plugins. Also, it integrate different popular streaming service directly with your installed Kodi player. The recent updates include a video-recording feature for the users to benefit.

Being an open-sourced application, it has faced a lot of problems from the legalities. An open-sourced platform gives developers from around the world to develop related application or plugins for the user community. Kodi itself is a fully legal online entity but third-party add-ons are known to give illegal access to copyrighted content.

Recent Developments

The makers of Kodi i.e XBMC foundation has released statements regarding the recent issues of legality. The authorities at XBMC have blasted these third-party developers and repositories who were found promoting illegal add-ons that raised concerns.

The company shut these repositories and sources down long ago. Thus showing priority to legalities over the present user base. Kodi is a proper licensed legal product for streaming service As the only problem is only the third party add-ons.

‘Fully loaded Kodi boxes’ are main problems concerning Kodi add-ons and sale of these products have created the most buzz in the internet community. The developers of Kodi have stated that they will not monitor their product but at the same time being critical of the said sellers involved in piracy.

Kodi is to stick to the European laws, taking the decision of making it illegal to stream copyrighted content using a media player, also taking a strong step. The developers have acknowledged the fact that various add-ons and repositories have been involved in illegal practices and are taking steps to shut the said entities down.


In reference to recent legal actions against sources of add-ons and repositories that were dealing with stolen or pirated media, many have opted to shut down their services. For such decisions, the existing users of Kodi have been going online voicing their opinion and concerns strongly as their purchased Fully loaded Kodi Boxes have stopped working properly.

The features enabling these options are shut down resulting in a dip in the user base of the media player. Volunteer workers, participating to develop the app out of wish and not for money.

These official developers of Kodi have never produced or developed a “Kodi box” or any related content. People who are selling or offering these services are often termed as cybercriminals and there are strict and definite laws against such issues.

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Other Developments

The Kodi add-on websites operate with a different perspective. While the official non-box Kodi media player is legal and developed to give you access to affiliated content, these fully loaded Kodi boxes worked with the Ads.

Advertisements draw a lot of money on the internet and these illegal sales from outside and unrecognized sources built their business around generating profit from these ads, which was totally opposite to the whole ideology of being a non-profit freeware.

When addressing the situation, the official developers stated quietly sternly that they would show little care or concern for people who are posting about the recent limitations they are facing when accessing Kodi player in the fully loaded box form.

The company have taken a stern step and is also not afraid of losing a significant part of its user base. According to them, it is better to have legal users than providing services to users who opted to choose the pirated versions.

Such steps determine a strong foot forward to eradicate the use of any pirated measures related to their very popular and widely used Kodi player.

Actions Taken

Big corporations who have affiliations with Kodi have also started showing concern and are taking steps to tackle the situation. In addition to the developers, companies like Netflix and Amazon has teamed up taking legal steps against recent occurring.

They have filed the lawsuit against Tickbox. Tickbox is a vendor based out of America that specializes in the mentioned ‘fully loaded’ Kodi boxes. The tickbox devices are cheap and easy to use allowing easy access to pirated content from the web.

These illegal vendors have earned over millions of dollars duping users who opted for their services. Regardless of what happens next, vendors like TickBox will eventually cease to exist but it will take time.


The copyright holders have a long way to go if they truly intend to do something about the illegal vendors selling counterfeit versions of their products. On social media website similar to TickBox there’s another vendor named JesusBox operating with a private group with over 2000 active members.

The people behind JesusBox pretend to very friendly helping you to install the add-on necessary for piracy. They also try to persuade you in purchasing their illegal JesusBox at very high prices. The real fact is, these so-called JesusBoxes are normal Android TV boxes available easily on Amazon.

They also try to make their customers opt to signup to their very low priced IPTV feeds. Here, such pirated feeds are available for free on the internet. Such products seem to be the tip of the iceberg. The whole pirated industry related to Kodi is still quite active.

Not only Facebook but these illegal service providers are present on almost every platform of social media and e-commerce platforms.

These un-moderated pirated products even after a lot of efforts are still present in these markets. Though Amazon has been the able clamp down some the illegal sellers on their website there still remains many such vendors still working and selling their products.


Kodi is a pretty useful product to own but the recent developments have hit the company badly. With increasing pirated sources and vendors, the developers hit a low. Users accessing their services with legal subscriptions went down due to the rise of illegal sources.

Not only the developers of Kodi but the related businesses also had to face the toll. From networking to marketing and selling of illegal products, we can expect the websites are facing some issues.

Closed groups on social media are a fraction of the main matter. eBay and Amazon are also handling the situation. They are flagging some and taking down the others that they could.

Cable TV is quite expensive in countries like the United States. Non-tech people can easily opt to try out these other cheaper options. It is better to access and purchase these products from official sources avoiding any and all third party links and options.

All You Need To Know About The Legal Issues Of Kodi Box
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