Installation Guide: Kodi For Nvidia Shield TV

Kodi for Nvidia Shield TV

Want to download Kodi for Nvidia shield TV? Find out all the details and more about the installation process in this article.

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Kodi On NVIDIA Shield

Kodi has been one of the famous application when it comes to streaming your favorite content but there are few things that might want to know about Nvidia shield before installing Kodi for it.

 Kodi for Nvidia Shield TV

Getting Kodi for your Nvidia shield would be a brilliant idea. First, let me tell you if you are thinking that Kodi just plays the role of a media player then you are utterly mistaken. Because Kodi can do much more. It has a lot of capability once you get this brilliant software for your Nvidia Shield.

What is Nvidia Shield?

Nvidia shield is actually being described for gamers and its an enhanced media player used to streaming. It is in the market and competing for its way up with big shots like Xbox One or the PlayStation 4.

These two devices are extremely pro for gamers and it gives out brilliant gaming experience. Yet the Shield TV is more into the race to compete with devices like Apple TV and Roku in the long run.

Shield TV serves more as your personalized system where you can download all the online content and apps to give you more exposure. The Nvidia TV is powered by the android so you will be able to install all the basic apps like HBO, NETFLIX, HULU and more to stream down all your favorite shows and games.

Must Know

Once you get Kodi for your shield TV, be amazed at the kind of possibility you can have because of it’s easy to use interface you will be able to install a lot of android games to enjoy on a bigger screen with amazing speed.

Kodi Compatability For Nvidia Shield TV

Nvidia shield comes with two different model and both are absolutely compatible to run Kodi for fast streaming and enhanced performance, these two models mainly are-


The first model of Nvidia is priced at $199.99 and it comes along with a shield controller+ power adapter and remote. This model provides its users with 3GB of storage with all the latest processor and connectivity mode for internet and more.

2.Shield Pro

The second model by Nvidia is the ‘Shield Pro’ with a price tag of $299.99. It is actually one of the best as it comes with a lot of internal storage and high-tech processing capability. Also, there’s 500 GB storage which is obviously more than the base model.

 Kodi for Nvidia Shield TV

Installation guide

You may be thinking that installation is a complicated procedure. But it is actually a very simple process. Rather downloading Kodi is the easiest part of the set up because all you have to do is power up your Shield TV. Get into  Play Store where you have to search for Kodi and install. Yet there are certain things which you need to look out for as you install.

  • First, check out the easy way to install Kodi for your shield, it will possibly take 5 to 10 minutes rather less
  • Once you switch on your Shield Tv you will find the large home screen and different icons related to application from where you will look for google play store
  • Once you finish getting the play store, just look for its features and type in Kodi to get it for your Shield screen
  • One thing keeps in mind when you search for Kodi, pick the application made by XBMC foundation because that being the original gives out additional benefits.
  • Finalize the installation by clicking install and once it’s done you need to get your hands on few of the other processes which will be required.

Post Installation Process

Once you are done installing you will feel the need to import your music, videos, and a lot more, or feel the need to add important add-ons or customize settings so this post-installation process has it all.

Transfer Files To Shield TV

What comes next after you finish the installation, you will feel the need to import your files once you start using the application, you will need to transfer the media collection because you can add you’re already built collection or playlist to your large screen and enjoy listening to it.

 Kodi for Nvidia Shield TV

There might be more than two ways to get the files transferred but I am aware of how excited a user gets once all the setup is in place so I am going to you one of the easiest ways to deal with this.

Once you have Kodi in order to get the import done the most basic way would be to install the ES file explorer file manager app for your Shield after which you will come across a lot of ways to manage it through cloud storage, be it Dropbox, Onedrive, or google drive, it’s all worthy of you getting your work done.

The process gets less complicated where you can just upload your choice of the file in the cloud storage and get it transferred to the Nvidia Tv using the Es file manager.

In order to have your Kodi folder set to the large screen just follow this easy step and in no time you will have all your music and movies set up.

  • Get to Kodi
  • Select the required category, example pictures/music/videos
  • Get the file selected
  • Add the category you selected
  • Follow the prompt and add the thing to your external storage and press ok after scrolling down to the folder where you stored everything.
  • That’s how you will complete setting up a Kodi folder on your shield TV.

How To Add The Kodi Addons?

Once you complete the file setup, now comes the part where you want to stream the additional benefits of Kodi on your Shield android TV. For the simple reason of because Kodi comes with a wide range of addons.

So let me show you how you can install the addons you like with the community repositories. Kodi add-ons are the most basic necessity. Once you install this amazing application to stream your favorite content so follow the easy steps to get this point covered.

  • First get into the main menu to select the necessary settings in the submenu.
  • Click on the add-on’s icon from the settings. Depending on the kind of version you are running for Kodi, you will find the repository option to install the add-ons,
  • Select the Kodi addons repository and choose your favorites. Basically, any user would first want to cover up by choosing the three basic add-ons of Music, pictures, and videos.

After you finish installing the add-ons of your choice you will find the categories mentioned on the submenu.

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Kodi Skin Customization

If you love variety, you would want to customize your Kodi at some point or the other. Even though this process does not connect to any technical aspect of the shield TV. Yet, I am going to tell you the three easy ways to change Kodi’s skin for your convenient.

 Kodi for Nvidia Shield TV

  • Select the system setting from the menu
  • You would find the appearance of where you can select your favorite skin
  • You can even get more once you start browsing and you can keep changing the skin by following the same procedures.

Hope you thoroughly enjoy using Kodi on your shield TV, as its brilliant features keep every user engrossed in the world of fast streaming contents. The installation process might be easy yet it requires little skill to set up your library for the first time. Once you are setup, follow the post-installation process for the amazing functioning of Kodi on your shield TV.

We have a brilliant collection of information related to Kodi. Also every aspect that a user needs to know or have been looking for at one point or the other. If there is any issue or question related to Kodi feel free to drop down a comment to let us know. We strive to answer all the  Kodi related issues.

Our research team has all the installation and troubleshooting guide which can be helpful to any Kodi lover. As long as the installation process for shield TV concerns, it hardly takes more than 5 minutes. Yet make sure to follow the post-installation process for the smooth functioning of your Kodi on shield TV.

Installation Guide: Kodi For Nvidia Shield TV
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