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Want to download the best add-ons for your Kodi media player? Stream Movies non-stop with the top 3 Kodi Movie Addons we’ve listed for you to explore. Read on our comprehensive installation guide to get started.

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What Are Kodi Add-ons?

Add-ons on Kodi player are packages that add unique features, especially those not loaded with the basic version of Kodi media player. Kodi player and other third-party developers develop these add-ons. The media player has grown immensely in popularity helping the company build a big user community base.

Best Kodi Movie Addons Installation Guide

Kodi supports add-on for various platforms like youTube, Pandora Radio, Hulu etc and skins and other customization options.

Below I have listed and described various popular add-ons that you can use for watching movies on Kodi media player. These add-ons contain the largest database of contents (movies, TV and Sports etc). Go through the guide to easily download and install the add-on to your Kodi player.

Explore the largest collections with great new and unique features using Best Kodi Movie Addons. Kodi’s beauty is that it allows you to have so many features and here are a few that will probably grab your interest.

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Top Best Kodi Movie Addons


Covenant is a very popular Kodi add-on and is the successor to the discontinued add-on Exodus. Exodus was taken down by the concerned authorities in early 2017. The Covenant add-on for Kodi media player is developed by THE ALPHA.

Covenant Add On For Kodi

Covenant addon is taking giant strides since the exclusion of Exodus due to its improved interface of is predecessor incorporating the known functionality and user interface of the applet. At the same time, Exodus has also popped back into the market receiving silent updates from developers and slowly picking up a pace like it used to.

The Covenant addon can be found in the repository named Colossal Repository. You can download Colossal repository to integrate the add-on or download it directly from the repository using Github. I would recommend downloading Covenant Kodi addon through Github.

Direct Download

As mentioned just above, using to download Covenant is a more dependable and safer way. This small guide will help go about the process with ease.

  • Open your default web browser (Supported: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc)
  • Look for
    You can also use this link to directly download the zip file
  • Choose the latest/most up to date version, a new page will be loaded
  • Click on Download to get Covenant.

When Covenant has finished downloading open Kodi media player and navigate to Add-ons. Click on the package symbol and choose Install from Zip. Browse to the downloads location of your and choose the downloaded add-on to install Covenant for Kodi.

Using Colossus Repository

You need to use the Smash Repository to get Colossus Repository for Covenant Kodi addon. Firstly, make sure that you have Smash repo installed on your system if it is not presently on your system you can search for ‘how to get Smash Repository’.

Now that you have Smash repo on your system, follow the steps below to get Covenant for Kodi.

  • Open Kodi media player
  • Select Package on the top left
  • Choose Install from Repository
  • Search for and select SMASH
  • Click on Add-on Repository
  • Search for Colossal Repository and install it.
    When Colossal Repo is done installing, return to the repositories list
  • Open the Colossal repository
  • Choose add-ons
  • Now you can access Covenant from the Video section inside add-ons


Specto is also a very popular add-on for movies on Kodi media player offering the same experience with an almost same user interface to that of the outcast Exodus add-on. You can easily see the very prominent similarities between Exodus and Spector in the layout and the content (Movies and TV shows) the add-on offers.

Specto Kodi Add-on

The biggest difference between Exodus and Specto is that Specto receives more frequent updates. You can experience a lag time when installing the plugin, nothing to worry about just ensure you are installing the latest release version.

To install and integrate Specto add-on to your Kodi media player, you can follow the easy guide.

  • Open Kodi media player
    Double-click on the desktop icon if available or select from Start menu.
  • Navigate to System
  • Select File Manager
  • Click on Add source
  • Copy and paste this link where it says ‘None’
    Name the file as per your wish and return back to the homepage
  • Open System again
  • Choose Add-ons and choose Install from zipping
  • Locate the folder you just saved and use the plugin
  • Select and install the latest available version.
    The release date of each edition is mentioned in the file name of the plugin. The name ends with the release date in this platform
    You will receive a notification on the bottom-right of your screen when Specto add-on is installed.
  • Next, navigate to Videos
  • Select Add-ons to locate the newly installed Specto

About Specto

Specto is one of the most popular add-ons for movies on Kodi media player with a wide range of customization included. The developers monitor for bugs and glitches to provide instant solutions for updates.

Updates on Specto includes known and general error fixes and minor changes to better user experience and stability. The add-on is one of the most frequently updated ones available for Kodi and is also a community favorite.

The add-on functions properly almost but still may have minor and negligible problems. The TV calendar can be a little tricky often giving blank results. This is the only little problem you can face when using Specto add-on other stuff work properly.


Exodus, as mentioned above, is often a benchmark of comparison when talking about other similar add-ons. It has faced multiple setbacks from the concerned authorities but it refuses to go away and is still highly used in the Kodi community. I recommend you not to go the latest version, rather go one step down.

Exodus Kodi Add-On

The user interface of Exodus is pretty easy and also clean accompanied with one of the largest available libraries. Using Exodus, you can easily navigate and search for movies and other contents using filters like ratings, artists, awards and etc.

Most of the available content has more than one link to stream from making it a popular primary option for watching movies to users.

Exodus is down and has made a comeback multiple times. The add-on has been handled by different developers and you can find them in different repositories. To get Exodus add-on for Kodi media perform the following steps.


You can choose to access Exodus from the online software library. To install Exodus add-on:

  • Open Kodi player
    Double-click on the desktop icon or select from Start menu to launch the program
  • Select Settings
  • Navigate to File Manager
  • Choose Add Source from the bottom of the window
  • Type in the following link in place of None
    Save it with a name as per your wish and click OK and head back to Kodi player Home.
  • Select Add-ons from the left
  • Click Package symbol available in the top left
  • Select Install from Zip
  • Select the zip file you downloaded here and install it
  • Return to the screen for Install from Zip and go to Install from Repository
  • Find and select Cyphers Locker repository
  • Click on video add-ons and then choose Exodus
  • Install and add Exodus to your Kodi player

Important Tip

Kodi media player as you know by now is one of the more popular online streaming service available at your fingertips. The Kodi platform is also quite user-friendly and even lags free but I would recommend you to take a few precautions when using it. We recommend that you use a VPN when using Kodi.

Users receive copyright infringement messages for streaming movies, sports or other contents. A VPN provides anonymity to you and your system’s location making your system hard to trace and helps in avoiding the unnecessary messages you might receive.

Best Kodi Movie Addons | 2018 | Installation |
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