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GWant to level up your gaming experience with add-ons? Experience the magical side of games with ThaumCraft addons. Read on to our complete guide on ThaumCraft addons to get you started with its Miracle Worker.

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What is ThaumCraft?

If you are a player looking for magical blocks and items to add up to your gameplay then you landed up on the right website.

thaumcraft addons

It’s a Mod that has been included in the Technic pack. You can work miracles with this modification which twists every angle of thaumaturgy. This mod is going to be all about taking magic from physical objects and replacing them to deliver magic.

You can draw the power from physical aspects in the form of Vis and work the miracle. Now that you understand the basics.First, let me give some details about what you never came across while you used Thaumcraft.

The details really very informative and has a lot to offer if used in the right way. Once you start harnessing the power of the Vis you will be able to create miracles. You will be able to make machines to destroy and summon the monsters; you will be able to kill any creature or copy items.

Let me show you few things you can come across in your Thaumcraft.

  • Eldritch Monolith

it proves to be an important source once you have made some discoveries so makes a note of it to apply it later on.

  • Silverwood Tree

You will easily be attracted to these trees due to its shining blur leaves and silver trunk. These trees are considered to maintain the aura of the local surrounding and you have to be careful while cutting one down.

Silverwood tree is also considered to make brilliant fighting weapons once you know how to go about it.

  • Greatwood Tree

This tree can be useful in a lot of things, especially in Thaum.

  • Wisp

Wisp is shiny creatures that float in the air and is considered to lead you to your fate. They are creatures that never attack anyone until you decide to challenge them, some of them even have the ability to shoot lighting which can be dangerous.

Here’s the gig killing them can earn you a Vis crystal or an artifact, but you have to successfully kill them.

  • Thaumic Slimes

They may look harmless but once you get on with this purple looking creature it can affect your health big time. Don’t underestimate the power of little bigger slimes because they drop Vis Crystal and have spawned on its surface.

Get To Know Thaumcraft Addons

If you are a beginner to this magical journey than I am sure you must be lost after reading some complicated Thaumcraft term.  Let’s just cut to the chase.

I am going to give you some of the best add-ons list based on two basic reasons popularity and latest updates. So enjoy the miraculous journey to the world of Minecraft and remember after you finish with the famous add-on list read further for more details.

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  1. Dark utility

The best part of this add-on is that everything is given in a description; dark utility will give you a large number of items and blocks. Once you add up useless items you would know how to utilize each one of them with the help of the description box.

Let me give you some of the spotlights for items and blocks for this specific add-on which can help you understand the mechanism better.

Block Spotlight

  • Vector plate
  • Sneaky blocks
  • Ender hopper

Item Spotlight

  • Null charm
  • Enchanted ring
  • Focus Sash
  •  Chisel

This add-on focuses more on the decorative blocks of the gameplay, this add-on proves to be handy for you if you are a fan of constructive aspects.

Working around this add-in you will come across many new blocks and wands which will set your gaming right. You get factory blocks massive and ender offset wand, the best part about Chisel is that it’s free to use.

  • Magic Bees

Surprisingly Magic Bees is an addon which is excellent to use in forestry. You will find many magic blocks and mods to deal with the mechanism.

Some of the support mods include Botania, Ars Magica 2, Thermal expansion and more. You can find 111 bees species added once you get along with this addon. This Thaumcarft addon also includes a lot of interesting tool to your forestry like Magic apiary.

  • Thaumic Dye

if you have been a fan of Thaumic armor and wanted to personalize it then your wish is granted. This Thaumcraft addon will let you set the armor according to your requirement. It lets you style your player the way you want.

  • Thaumic Equivalence

This Thaumcraft addon is more like a blend of two mods which is created to enhance the mechanism of the game. This addon thoroughly allows the user to tweak their experience any way they desire.

You must be curious to know what this addon actually does. It enables a sort of harder level but to make it highly functional the default mode may take some time.

As you keep going forward know that you will come across more add-ons to deal with the functioning of Thaumcraft. Here I have also mentioned some of the frequently asked questions which can help you with Thaumcraft big time.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s never smooth when it comes to gaming and add-ons, there are always tons of errors which needs attention and that’s when this section steps into the picture.

I have got together some of the most common errors every Thaumcraft user comes across.

  1. My Thaumcraft keeps crashing, what should I do?

Even though any error related to ThaumCraft Addons you can directly report it to the official Thaumcraft thread but there can be several reasons why the crashes.

Some of the add-ons that you do can be hard to handle so make sure you don’t add any unnecessary addon and keep a close check on your antivirus.

  1. How do I fix the blank screen?

It generally happens when you go for the wrap effect so make sure you disable shaders or optifine mod.

  1. Why does all my research work keep disappearing?

This case happens due to a very common bug found in Thaumcraft  4. If you are faced with this sort of issues you should try the Automatic backup with the file name Thaumback to recover all your important data.

  1. How to handle crashing while I enter Thaumcraft?

It’s a very basic issue faced by many users.  You can easily solve this unwanted crashing, just add bauble with Thaumcraft. It’s a mod so you have to download the bauble jar link and add up to the same mod.

  1. What to do when I have issues in forging the weapons?

Since Thaumcraft is all about forging weapons to prepare to work on the magic. Even though crafting new weapons has never been an issue with Thaumcraft.

When the Golem refuses you to work on the baseMetal plates just install the mod called “NoMoreRecipeConflict”. This mod is available in many versions that go up till 1.11.2 and the developers are constantly working on bringing something new to the table.

  1. What to do when my Golem isn’t working?

If your golem isn’t working you can try these steps to debug their mechanism,

  • Make sure you keep a check on the distance between golem’s ring and the mark because it really makes a difference. If you see that the distance between is too far then you must extend the range of water upgrades. Even the advanced golem body can be used to fix their functioning.
  • The second solution you can try is by changing the container of the chest.
  1. How to fix when my screen goes completely blank?

If your Thaumcraft crashes or goes completely blank then just edit your configuration file and disable the shaders mod.  Practising this simple step can help you solve the issue.

Why Thaumcraft Addons?

Best way to tame down your stress when you can easily have access to this amazing component. Playing the Thaumcraft will always be interesting and especially when it is followed by brilliant mods. Have happy hours forging weapons and getting your plates crafted by the golem.

Enjoy the dark world of magic.

ThaumCraft Addons | Total Installation |
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