TickBox Facing Lawsuits: Total Report

Reports of TickBox facing lawsuits for illegal streams and content are up. Read on to know how this affects your online streaming solutions.

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About Kodi Media Player

KODI or Kodi media player freeware or a free to download the software and also an open-source application. XBMC Foundation, a non-profit organization has developed the Kodi app.Kodi TickBox Facing Law Suits

Kodi media player is compatible with various platforms working with the 10-foot-user interface technology module giving compatibility with TVs.

The Kodi media player grants you the power to stream movies, TV shows, sports and other on-demand content seamlessly over the internet. The media player is highly customizable with options of skins and extra plug-in available to make your Kodi player even more powerful.

Recent releases from official developers have added a video recording feature to the Kodi player for you to make the most of.

Kodi player as mentioned above is an open-source software. Any open-source platform means unrestricted access to codes and data to build upon. Such platforms give independent developers and small software developing houses across the globe the opportunity to develop related software and plug-in.

This has given rise to a lot of concerns in the world market and these third-party developed addon and plugins drawing attention to its legalities as people are being taken advantage of. Kodi is a fully licensed product giving streams of licensed content.

Kodi TickBox

Tickbox is a program that works as a virtual smart TV box. The TickBox allows you to install Android compatible apps and streams content from the internet.

TickBox Facing Lawsuits

Also, Tick boxes are compatible with Kodi players in the form of Add-on giving the user the power to stream live TV and on-demand content through Kodi.

The TickBox just requires a stable internet connection to operate and carry out tasks. TickBoxes give the user with a variety of content to choose from. Then it makes the users install unwanted/ unmoderated add-ons.

The TickBox recommended add-ons are all third-party developed with the questionable structure of the business. Enabling you to stream Live TV which you have to pay heavy amounts for can be pretty awesome if you are the user.

These add-ons have taken up a lot of network from legal sources giving probably the widest variety of content like Movies, TV Shows, Sports and On-demand content.  These all were streamed using the illegal add-ons and sources.

Are You A TickBox Owner?

If you are reading this after facing problems recently from your TickBox device, there is little good news for you.

Services of TickBox and add-ons and its repositories that provided illegal feeds are being hunted for. If you are not aware, these TickBox devices are totally legal according to the US, UK and other European media and broadcasting laws.

Concerned authorities have filed reports against TickBox and its related services and some have already been and rest sources with time eventually will be shut down. TickBox facing lawsuits is as a result of this. They ACE has stated that they will show no mercy to TickBox users without being concerned about the user base

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Problems With Kodi TickBox

TickBox for Kodi has gathered a lot of attention in the recent times. XBMC foundation has also raised their concerns against this TickBox and its legalities.

The developers and authorities at XBMC have voiced their opinion and also released statements against the illegal services offered by the product.

The market circulates TickBox and also other similar products as add-ons to Kodi players, making them more powerful adding new features. The company is working tirelessly to take these illegal powerful add-ons down to shut the available repositories that act as download locations for applications similar to Tickboxes.

The Kodi player is designed with the idea to operate as a freeware and the developers involved also participate in voluntary service. The total idea of Kodi player is a non-profit creating problem with how some of the add-ons operate.

Both in-house and third-party developers develop Kodi Add-ons most of who design their product keeping legalities in mind. Malpractices of some third party developers have drawn focus and criticism for the illegal conduct of business.

Actions Against Piracy

The production house, entertainment tycoons and broadcast media and other entertainment sectors are beginning to work together with a common purpose. ACE comprised of more than 35 global entertainment companies from countries like the US, UK India etc.

You should learn that these corporate houses are working in collaboration to fight against content piracy especially over the internet. These illegal streaming sources have already cost enough traffic to the licensed counterparts. TickBox the ACE’s first successful target was Georgia based provider.

Kodi TickBox Facing Lawsuits

They started circulating a variety of-of set-top boxes capable of streaming from different unaffiliated sources. Incorporating Kodi media player these boxes came with the ability to use another various add-on. Major entertainment houses together have filed reports against taking down these Add-ons and devices.

The complaints include details on how TickBox operates. When users first boot the device on the purchase, are prompted to download the TickBox media player application/ software. The software is accompanied by a detailed informative video on guiding users that lets them stream from unaffiliated sources.

Asking the user to select a different theme on startup menu for. Generall, there are themes available in Kodi, but these ones are tweaked. These add-ons have their codings changed to make the user download add-ons that give access to the illegal sources of concern.

Some of the popular add-ons TickBox TV asks users are Elysium, Bob, and Covenant. You can also access these add-ons through different download sources called repositories. Easily downloadable the add-ons have gained much popularity among users. Companies working together have tried to take down these sources too.


Though successful a  handful of times, again the same download resources crop up from other sources. These add-ons give users access to content from illegal sources. Involvement of companies like Amazon and Netflix has made life even tougher for the third party developers.

Also the third-parties target e-commerce platforms like mentioned Amazon and eBay. TickBox issue is the first of its kind in American law. XBMC Foundation the owner of Kodi is also working on its own to counter the situation.

The developers are always making efforts so that they can shut these add-ons and repositories down. Products like TickBoxes and JesusBoxes have a heavy sale heavily online. Sellers use Social media and e-commerce websites to spread product knowledge even at a time using fake or generic personal profiles to promote their product.

On social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, they build their market and user base from private groups and feeds targeting people who are new online and new to handling tech products or gadgets.

Choose Similar Alternative Products

It is better to avoid indulging your time or money in illegal resources. In this age, almost on every product you can perform a jailbreak and customize or integrated other options into the product.

Such devices are not very stable often facing performance issues and seamless operation always being a concern. Try out a similar product, maybe this time from a better source with a worldwide reputed brand name. FireStick from Amazon is a good option for you to think about.

The device gives you access to television and related content with access to Amazon Prime. It can be a safe option to choose a brand like Amazon. Even if it can be subject to malicious activity. The platform still has a better regulation than its counterparts. You can also connect you FireStick


Kodi media player or as popularly known as just Kodi is a free to download an open-source media player.XBMC Foundation developed the Kodi application. The product is compatible with multiple platforms working on 10-foot-user interface module for compatibility with TVs.

The Kodi media player is an HTPC software, highly customizable with skins to change the look and plugins to integrate different popular streaming service directly with your installed Kodi player.  The recent updates have also added a video-recording feature for the users to take advantage of.

People who invested in TickBoxes did so so that they can avoid the high expenses users have to bear. People pay insane amounts of cash for channels. Most of which customers don’t need or want. People new to tech will any day prefer a less expensive option even better if free.

Taking advantage of an example like Tickbox facing lawsuits will push developers to produce applications giving users alternatives to the expensive counterparts.

TickBox Facing Lawsuits: Total Report
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