Top Nostalrius Addons | 2017-2018 | Total Guide

Nostalrius received a major breakthrough due to some heat between legacy servers and Blizzard the former developer of Nostalrius itself. Being the initial startup version of world of Warcraft this one still stands rooter for all the good reasons. No wonder the relaunch has a user-friendly interface. If you are a fresh player then just follow this article to get loaded with Nostalrius addons.

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Being a fan you already know Nostalrius serves the purpose for any gamer. Once you get into the frenzy of this game, these add-ons will play a major role.

Nostalrius gameplay

I am not going to take you further into details to the history or controversy of Nostalrius rather cut right to chase for showing you the best wow addons combined.

This article will have a list of fresh working extensions to give you an easier mechanism when you start with the predecessor of the world of Warcraft.

Taking your focus to the addons of Nostalrius you will get a detailed list of 10 best vanilla add-ons which you can use. Also, I have put together an overview of some of the other add-ons which are not very popular yet provides you with brilliant backup.

Starting with an overview you can slowly get to the most popular list. Also there are some of the basic FAQs to sharpen up your Warcraft skills. Before I get started with the overview I would really like my readers to know the way you can update your Vanilla wow.

Installing Vanilla Wow

If you have been a new user of vanilla wow and want to do add-ons then I am going to list the easiest procedure for installation and update. The installation is pretty simplified, and I am not going to get to step by step follow guide rather suggest you to thoroughly read the instructions.

it’s very similar to retail, wow when you select your stylus of vanilla wow you are going to come across a client. You need to install your clients which in your case would a 1.12 client and then you will find a page in your settings with certain options, choose”interface”.

Choosing the interface will get you to a folder named addon, now when you double-click and get in you will have a list of add-ons that you can copy paste.

An Overview Of Vanilla Wow Add-Ons

I would highly recommend you to follow our other articles to get each and every detail related this clashing game. Now that Nostalrius is renamed as Elysium, it has developed some smoking add-ons for its fellow users. The experience is reviewed to be life-changing.

  • Questie- This addon performs a very basic task of helping out in the vanilla quests
  • Enemy cast bars- This addon very easily locates a replication of your cast bar
  • DPSMate- You have it all. With this addon you will not just be able to calculate the number of raids and damage which have been done. But it serves more as an analyzing tool.
  • pFUI- As surprising as it may sound, this addon can be a replacement for wow interface as a single addon alone. Classy, isn’t?
  • cooldown count- The name suggests what potential this addon has. Will give you a timer before your cooldown
  • Equip compare- This addon will help you compare easily when you are on with your game plot
  • Cartographer- If you want some amazing addon to manipulate the Map
  • Bartender 2- If you are willing to modify the layout of your plotting than this addon will prove to be the best.
  • MoveAnything- With this addon you can move any UI Components possible, it proves to be handy
  • Scrolling combat text- This is a creative one, will let you add in innovative combat texts above your character.

you must have come across the most popular Nostalrius addon while playing world of warcraft but these are some of the uncommon yet very useful addons to work with.

Popular Addon List For Your Vanilla Wow

These Nostalrius add-ons are all tried and tested. This will give you access to most of the classic/vanilla server. It took a lot of time for me to assemble this detailed and most popular list of add-ons from wow interface.

Its brilliant and every addon pop-ups on your screen because I have crosschecked myself. Listing down these 7 best and extensions for different purposes and hey it works with 1.21.1/1.21.2 client.

  • AUX– this Naustalius add-on is considered to be the most popular extension for advanced action house. Its an amazing addition to the Warcraft series and some of them even better than retail wow.
  • Atlas Loot- This Loot shows every possible loot from the bosses, its one of the best Nostalrius addon for keeping a track.
  • Bagnon– this addon will filter out your inventory of addon
  • Bigwig- Gives you a time bar to keep a check on your boss mode.
  • OmniCC- It’s another addon to give you the cast time.
  • KTM- It’s a threat meter which helps you in dungeon raid and more
  • Titan panel- It gets the control panel in place and helps in other plots like a timesaver, volume, panel scale and more.

You just checked out the seven best Nostalrius add-ons to access the vanilla wow in a much more simplified way. wrapping up the addon lists with the popular ones I am going to put down some of the most common FAQ.

Where there are such high tech gaming involved it’s going to be issues and related questions to it. You can have a chain of issues once you start a journey to the world of Warcraft. That’s where these FAQ will help you to solve the problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is where all your queries are answered related to Nostalrius add-ons and more. These answers are going to help you and make your gaming experience easy. After going through these if you are left with more questions related to common errors you can leave a comment. And we can quickly get back to you.

Login & Registration Issues

  • Why does my account logging off automatically?

It usually happens when you don’t select or check the tick mark to the log me automatically box while logging in. The board is going to only keep you logged in for some time. This also has some advantages for as no one can misuse your account through any hacking.

Its clear what you have to do to fix this, right? Just select the log me in automatically option and you solve your issue. It also has a little downside, rather take it as a suggestion. Do not follow this rule when you are using internet cafe’s system for gaming, or library etc.

  •  I lost my password. What should I do?

If you are unable to retrieve the password then don’t worry . You can always fix it. All you have to do is go to the login page and choose I have forgotten password option. After that just follow the prompt and you will get through.

  • Unable to register?

This can happen due to several situations. It’s maybe because the owner of the website has banned the Ip address that you have been using. It can also be that the owner of the website could have disabled your registration id.

Stay Tangled With Vanilla Wow Addons

Along the relaunch of Nostalrius there is no doubt that it came out to be more refined and improved with brilliant add-ons to go about for many plottings. The easy wow add-ons category became easily available with 1.21 clients. Also, more depending on the version you have been using.

When you come across all the popular and not so popular vanilla add-ons you know as a user that its nothing but a tressure. You get to install it in the easiest way to have that gaming experience of Warcraft which is more like magic.

Top Nostalrius Addons | 2017-2018 | Total Guide
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