WWE Kodi Addons Setup

Stream the best WWE contents from around the world directly on your Kodi player with our reviewed guide on the top WWE Kodi Addon there for wrestling fans.

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WWE On Kodi

If you are a professional wrestling and an ardent follower of Vince McMahon’s global juggernaut WWE then go ahead and try out the wrestling related add-ons for your Kodi player. Having an option to stream your favorite wrestling promotion directly by the Kodi player can be like finding a paradise for any lifelong wrestling fan.

WWE On Kodi Total Guide

Install the add-ons today and explore the endless collection of matches and PPVs available from the add-ons.

The Undertaker may have bid adieu to his millions of fans worldwide but you can see the Deadman’s matches and his total WWE journey by simply installing an add-on to your Kodi player. I personally have gone through various add-ons that lets you stream WWE and professional wrestling on your Kodi player.

From all of the available options that I tested, I’ve come across few reliable add-ons that give proper seamless user experience for streaming WWE. Read on to know more about how to download and install these add-ons for streaming WWE by your Kodi player.

WWE Kodi Addon

Installing these addons on your Kodi player will enable you to access WWE content like weekly shows and pay-per-views. Watch the newest episodes of  RAW, Smackdown Live and NXT by installing the add-ons.

WWE On Demand

WWE on Demand is a pretty new add-on and is making a name for itself with a large variety of content and well-designed user interface. It does not only have up and working links to the popular WWE Network but almost every major WWE Event is covered.

WWE On Demand Kodi Addon

All of the links to old matches and event seem to work just fine with no sign of buffering at least in my case. The add-on is designed pretty well and its evident from the product that the developers were invested in the project.

The add-on menus are well organized and are accompanied by pictures of your favorite wrestlers and events as backgrounds. You can find multiple links to contents of WWE Network and also the USA Network live streams giving you instant access to unlimited wrestling 24×7.

The add-on also receives regular updates keeping the add-on up to date with the latest trends and features as per the overall Kodi platform. You can try out the What’s New section. In the What’s New section all the latest posts and contents are displayed making it easier to find the latest available content.

Installing WWE On Demand

Before you can install WWE Kodi Addons to your Kodi player, make sure that you have downloaded the Community Repository file on your system. Once you have downloaded the required files proceed to the installation.

  • Open Kodi player from the desktop or start menu
  • From main menu select System
  • Select Settings and click on Add-ons
  • Choose the option Install from Zip file
  • Select the repository named and wait for the confirmation message. When the system shows the repository is successfully installed, navigate back to the main menu
  • Again select System and choose Settings
  • Click on Add-ons
  • Select Install from repository and click on Video Addons
  • Find and select the WWE on Demand add-on to install and access content.

You are done, if you had chosen to go with this WWE Kodi Addons you can now access the available content from the add-on.

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If you are a not just a casual WWE fan and want more content from all over the industry of professional wrestling, then AllWrestling WWE Kodi Addon is the one for you.

All Wrestling Kodi Add On For WWE

The add-on is neither as advanced nor as well-designed as the previously mentioned WWE on Demand but it has content that the previous option does not provide. The add-on does not only concentrate on wrestling content from WWE but also provides users with a wide variety of choices like TNA or GFW, Ring Of Honor (ROH) Lucha Underground and also the UFC.

Not only American promotions, the AllWrestling add-on also covers events of japan’s NJPW promotion and Mexico’s CMLL and AAA promotions.

So if you already miss Cody Rhodes or want to see the six-star clashes between Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada, be a part of the Bullet Club and go for the ALLWrestling add-on for Kodi.

Installing AllWrestling

Just like WWE on Demand add-on, you will also need to download the source repository to install AllWrestling. Download the RayW1986 repository before you go ahead with the installation of WWE Kdi Addons for Kodi player. When downloaded simply follow the easy guide for installation:

  • Run the Kodi player
  • Select System from the main menu
  • Click on Settings and choose the option Add-ons
  • Select Install from Zip file
  • From the list choose and wait till the repository is successfully installed.
  • Navigate back to the Kodi player home screen
  • Choose System and click on Settings
  • Click on Add-ons
  • Click on Install from repository and choose Video Add-ons
  • Look for and select the AllWrestling add-on and install it.

Now you can access all the wrestling content you can ever want. Go ahead and try out the newly installed AllWrestling WWE Kodi addon. Search for the Bullet Club or start watching your favorite Lucha Underground and WWE PPVs.


The add-on for Kodi named Phoenix is also a good option to consider as one of the WWE Kodi Addons for wrestling fans.

WWE On Kodi Phoenix Addon

The app is known for having good working links to Live action of wrestling matches and events and also cover other sports. The menu system can feel a little weird but it’s worth the trouble.

The Phoenix add-on has a dedicated page for live events of UFC, NFL and obviously WWE. On Mondays and Tuesdays, you will find active links streaming episodes of RAW and SmackDown. Also, links to larger events like Wrestlemania are there from way before time with countdown timers hyping up the events.

The add-on also includes a replay section for WWE content, giving you shorter versions of the recent shows for you to catch up on wrestling, this section is a big use of the add-on influencing users to opt for it. Being a very popular add-on in the sports genre you can expect the developers to look into the little glitches and bugs present in the add-on and fix them by updates.

Installing Phoenix

Just like the previous two cases, you need to set up the specific repository before you can install the Phoenix add-on for your Kodi player. The source for Phoenix add-on is the xbmchub repository file. Download the repository and proceed with the following guide to install Phoenix.

  • Run the Kodi player using the desktop icon or from the start menu
  • From the main menu choose System and then click on Settings
  • Click on Add-ons
  • In the next step, click the option Install from Zip file
  • From the available list select
    Wait till the installation of the repository is complete
  • When completed, go back to Kodi player home screen
  • Click on System and choose Settings
  • Select Add-ons
  • Now, click on Install from repository and choose Video Add-ons
  • Scroll down and select the Phoenix add-on to install it.

If you performed the above-mentioned steps just the way they are explained you have now successfully installed the Phoenix WWE Kodi Addon. Go ahead and try out the available links to Live Wrestling action on Phoenix add-on


Kodi player probably the most popular streaming service available on the internet with a friendly user interface and lag-free functionality. Still keeping safety measures in mind, it can be better to take a few precautions when accessing it. Try using a VPN to access Kodi, it is wiser as it helps in avoiding distractions.

As per users’ feedback, people face messages for copyright infringement while using Kodi to stream WWE and other wrestling related. A VPN gives users much-needed anonymity and the hides your location making your system untraceable and helps to avoid irritating and pestering messages.

What Are Addons?

Add-ons are really helpful when doing something different with your Kodi player. WWE on Demand, AllWrestling and Phoenix are optional WWE Kodi addons and Kodi developers have not yet developed.

As Kodi player is an open-source platform, it presents an opportunity for other third-party developers to look into and improve the program. Add-ons for Kodi are silently and significantly growing in popularity and each day more people are joining the platform.

WWE Kodi Addons are compatible with most streaming platforms like Hulu, YouTube and much more. With features like skins and plugins, the Kodi player can be customized as per your taste and add-ons make the player even more powerful.

Our Conclusion

If you are a WWE fan and looking for smart and easy ways to stream your favorite shows and events with ease, Kodi is the smartest choice for you.

Go ahead and integrate one of the above-mentioned WWE Kodi addons and explore the world of professional wrestling. Stream your favorite shows from different promotions from around the world and especially WWE, the big leagues.

WWE Kodi Addons Setup
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