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Xbox Customer Service Number

Xbox Customer Service Phone Number

Queries that Our Xbox Customer Service Team Handle

  • Queries about how to use Xbox
  • Queries about the different features of Xbox
  • Issues like grinding sound in the disc drive
  • Issues like console updation not happening
  • Issues like sudden power down or Xbox shuts down abruptly
  • Issues with the resolution
  • Issues with the audio
  • Issues with syncing the controller
  • Installation of games not happening
  • Console not reading the disc properly
  • Frequent freezing or crashing of games

Microsoft’s Xbox is a very big video gaming brand. It has a number of different game consoles. While using Xbox people are naturally going to have queries. Whom can you approach for these queries? You can get in touch with us for any assistance that you want with your Xbox. You can contact our reliable Xbox customer support executives by email, phone or on chat.


Ways To Contact our Xbox Customer Support Executives

You can contact our efficient team of executives very easily through these three methods:

Phone help

Xbox Customer support

For those who find it better to discuss the queries directly over the phone can select phone help. You can call and speak to our executives directly.



Email help

Xbox Customer Support

Many of you would prefer to send in writing the issues that you are facing with your Xbox. These people can opt for Email help option. Our Xbox help team members will review your queries and send you the solution for the same by email.


Chat help

xbox Customer help

You can also post your queries on chat. Our Xbox customer support executives will go through your queries and will get back to you on chat.


These are not the only queries that we handled. This list is only to give you an idea about the type of questions we have handled in the past. You can get in touch with our Xbox customer service team with any queries about Xbox.


Features Of Our Xbox Customer Service Team

Customer service

Our Xbox customer service executives are very competent and they will provide you with the best possible assistance for any queries about Xbox. We have one of the most competitive teams of customer support executives. They will provide the best possible support and will provide solutions to all your queries about Xbox.

Fast response

Our executives will reply back to all the queries as fast as possible as they know the value of the customers time. Our Xbox tech support team can provide solutions for any technical queries that you have about Xbox.

Reply to all type of queries

Our Xbox Support team has the expertise to handle any type of query about Xbox. You approach us for not just technical queries but also for general information about Xbox.

Contact us for Xbox Support 

Xbox Customer Support number

Our Xbox Support team of executives is one of the best in the industry. Our long list of satisfied customers gives a clear indication of our service quality. If you too need any assistance with Xbox then you can get in touch with us by email or by phone or on chat.