30 Best Kodi Addons for Movies, Sports and TV Shows

best kodi add ons

Are you interested to know about Kodi Addons? Here in this article, we have mentioned the top kodi addons, which come with the packages and add various functions and features but not always included with the Kodi at all. So, if you need to know more, just follow our article.

You may have heard about the addons that are developed or established by the people of the third parties and on the ‘Team Kodi’. Here in this article, you will get in touch with the best Kodi Addons that are fully updated and highly suitable for the new generation.

best kodi addons


You may have heard about the Kodi but this is not so probable for you to hear about other related things. This specific software is always on the headline because the controversy of the ‘fully-loaded Kodi boxes’ makes this very easy to stream several copyright protected films illegally. This also includes TV and various other materials, especially by using the internet through third-party plugins.

Do you have any idea how it works? Well, if you really need to gather more information, what you have to do it, must read this full article.

This software is completely legal itself. Once you use this properly, you may notice that you can enjoy the media collection and manage these as well. Kodi acts as a perfect platform for you if only you have the great archive of movies, music, and photos.

Kodi is specially designed to hook up to large monitors or TV. However, do you think you will be stopped running this? No, don’t think about this because nothing can stop the users to run this on their laptops and other devices.

Well, there is good news for you. You can easily use this like DVD whether the TV card is on your PC. However, one thing you should remember that when you are in the add-ons world, this software comes into their own.


The recently released versions of v.17.6 Krypton of Kodi along with new user interface, skins, navigation, back-end features and many other related things, make this software so popular that now most of the users have a craving for downloading this in their system.  For the old as well as new users, this is the time when you can add all your favorite TV channels, music, radio stations, streaming services and various other programs as the family members of Kodi.

best kodi addons

Here we have described various Kodi addons for the Kodi Krypton, mainly for listening to music or unbound steaming of videos. Now, just check these ‘best add-ons of Kodi krypton’ particularly for the exclusive access to latest movies, TV channels, TV shows, sports and many more.

Do you need to consider some best Kodi addons? Here you will get the best guide. We have created the collection of almost more than 10 best Kodi addons, by which you can stream ranges of TV shows, unlimited movies, documentaries, live sports and several other media content.

In the following, you will get the list of best Kodi addons,

  • Covenant
  • Bob Unleashed
  • Exodus
  • Bennu
  • Gurzil
  • Sports Devil
  • Elektra Vault
  • Genesis reborn
  • Cartoon HD
  • Navi X


Replacement for official add-ons of Exodus has been introduced recently. But in such cases, you must know that this has been released for various reasons by the same owner. After the TV add-ons are mysteriously disappeared from the Kodi World, this also slows down the Exodus. In spite of being updated regularly, this low down may occur.

Do you know what Covenant does? Well, you may not anything about this. Covenant promises that it will fulfill all the expectations of lots of Exodus fans.

Step to install the Covenant on the Kodi Krypton:

  • Open the Kodi > then click on the settings Icon > just after this, open the ‘File manager’
  • Double click on the ‘add source’ > click on the ‘None’ > type the specific URL > click on ‘OK’ > media source should be named ‘XVBMC’ > after that again click on ‘OK’
  • Return to the main menu of Kodi, you can do this by pressing the ESC key > after that open add-ons > press the ‘Box shaped Icon’
  • Open the ‘install from Zip File’ > choose XVBMC > press the repository.xvbmc-4.2.0.zip > wait for sometime till the notification appears along with the downloaded zip file
  • After that go click the ‘Install from repository’ > choose XVBMC (add-ons) repository > then open the videos add-ons > choose the covenant > press the Install > wait for some time until the notification appears.
  • After getting the notification, just go back to the Main menu > open the add-ons > then open the videos add-ons > press the covenant > browse and enjoy the favorite content of yours.


Exodus, one of the most important video streaming add-ons of Kodi, boasts the unparallel reputation, especially among the Kodi users.

Do you know what is Exodus known for? For the updated movies libraries, live TV channels, TV shows, radio stations, this add-on is just superb along with excellent search features, favorite features and categorized list as well.

exodus addon for kodi

While using this, you should know that you can easily find the TV shows and movies, categorized by genre, years, high rated, top-ranked and most watched.

You can enjoy the SkyTV UK channel by using Exodus.

Steps to install the latest version of Kodi exodus:

  • The application of Kodi Krypton has to be launched > Go to the ‘Settings’
  • Then from the option lists, just click on the ‘file manager’
  • Scroll down > press the ‘Add source’
  • Choose ‘None’ > and then press the ‘enter’
  • After that name the proper media source ‘Repository XvBMC’ > hit the ‘OK’
  • From the main menu, just go to the add-ons > press the symbol of the ‘package’
  • Choose the ‘Install from Zip File’ > press the repository XvBMC
  • You will see a new window will open, and then click on the ‘repository.xvbmc-4.2.0.zip’
  • Wait for some time until the repository install successfully
  • Head to specific menu ‘Install from repository’
  • Find the Exodus, from the category of video add-ons
  • Press install button > enjoy using this ‘Exodus’

As this has become available as one of the most leading add-ons, you can easily use this for streaming cartoon and animation, TV shows, sports, music, documentation and many other things. So, the main reason for releasing the updated version is, people consider this as the most effective solutions of watching videos on the Internet.


Genesis Reborn has become one of the most famous add-ons along with its top-notch performance mainly for the Streaming media.

Do you know some important parts of Genesis add-ons? Come, we are giving you the information briefly. Earlier this specific add-on was the go-to add-on and later it was turned into the Exodus. Through the Jesus Box repository, Genesis add-ons can be downloaded.

The whole content library is mainly on par with a limited number of best Kodi add-ons. So, you must have Genesis reborn installed.


Have you heard about F.U.B.A.R? we have described here briefly about it, just keep eyes on the article.

This is one of the most genius creation, which leave yourself and your family as well totally entertained for very long hours. F.U.B.A.R includes the ‘Mucky Duck Repo’.

For this, one thing you should know that there is a separate section called the ‘Panda Section’. This collects various family movies, which you can enjoy with your family, especially during the family hours. This also has one specific section that deals with the Bollywood movies or its Asian fans.


Another prolific and good movie add-on has been come up with the ‘Dandy media repository’. This includes various latest releases important features along with high SD and HD quality as well. So, if you know something about the interest and curiosity of the users, particularly of the Kodi community, you may come across the facts that this also includes several movies and Safehouse movie add-ons. These things have been reached the threshold by providing the best movies by the genres, most views, release year, and other most recommended parts.

Guys, have you ever used this ‘Safehouse movies’? If you do so, you can notice that this should frequently be updated. Up-gradation is necessary just to keep the right track of several bad links and thus remove this accordingly.

SALTS (Stream All the Sources):

Hello friends, we think you have to get accustomed to the full form of SALTS. This contains several latest TV shows and movies. From Kodi repository, SALTS offers another important alternative to mainly 1channel Prime wire and also other related movie add-ons along with their updated library.

Do you ever know which movies it can bring? Yes, these include the Deadpool, Inception and other most popular movies such as Fight Club, The Dark Knight and many more.

Apart from the two or three years old movies, you can also stream various new and currently trending movies such as Moana, Kong: Skull Island, Logan or Split.

Steps to Install the SALTS:

  • Open the Kodi Krypton > Click the gear icon or Settings icon > File manager > scroll down and then double click on the ‘Add source’, present on the left side of your screen
  • Press the ‘None’ option > give the repository URL > click on Ok > type the Kodil > Click on OK > close the box
  • Go to the Kodi home, by the ‘Backspace’ key > this thing you should do several times before proceeding to further steps > click on the Add-ons > select the icon ‘Package Installer’
  • Few options will appear, just click the ‘Install from Zip File’ option > Click the ‘Kodil’ > Kodil.zip > Wait for another few minutes for completion of installation.
  • Go to the option ‘Install from repository’ > scroll down on the bottom > Click on the ‘Kodil’ > Choose the Video add-ons > find SALTS > click Install
  • At the last step, go to the Kodi Home > select the Add-ons > Video add-ons > SALTS > Movies > Enjoy


We think you may not know about this add-on. Here you will find several online geeks on the Reddit.  Different APIs, threads related to every software, videos and web content can easily be found by you under this.

This is very hard to stay away from Reddit or being the Kodi add-on if only the user is a video geek. So, new add-ons should always be tried and explored from there.

reddit add on kodi

Have you ever searched for some best Kodi Add-ons? Well, this is another vital thing you should know about. When you will search for the best Kodi add-ons, you will surely notice that there will be Reddit add-on on the list. Here, you will be able to use the Reddit videos but without minimizing the Kodi and without opening the browser along with Kodi Reddit add-on.


You may know that this is the only drive for watching over millions of contents with easier navigation. In current years, these specific add-ons are no longer in use of any Kodi version.

This is the only place from where you can watch everything including the TV shows, movies, entertainment packages and many other things, which has been successfully released on the social media.

Do you know, this is the oldest Kodi add-on but very much trusted by millions of users all over the World.

Since all the links to TV shows, movies, entertainment channels are widely tested on regular basis, you cannot find any of the dead links, which do not work properly. This add-on collect lot of data from different sources and all these can be managed together in one of the specific places.

Step to install Navi X add-on, on Kodi:

By following the below mentioned steps you will be able to download and install the Navi X add-on, on Kodi,

  • Open Kodi> select the button ‘Settings’ present on the left side of the top corner > Go to the File manager > Double click on the ‘Add source’
  • Then type the specific link > click on OK > after that type the link of the media by selecting the ‘Kodi link’ > press Ok
  • Go to the option ‘home screen’ > Click on the Add-ons tab, which is present on left side of the menu > select the left ‘Box shaped’ icon present on the top > install from the ZIP file >Kodil repo > Kodil.zip
  • Then install this from the repository > choose the Kodil repository > then the program add-ons > click on the Navi X > and then install
  • After you are done, Go to the Main menu option > select the Program add-ons >Navi X > enjoy using this on your Kodi software.

Some New And Popular KODI Add-Ons

Hello friends, here is a good news for you. Now you can enjoy watching the TV shows, videos, entertainment channels and various other old and new TV programs on your Kodi. But for this, you just have to download and install some new add-ons. These help to stream all the videos faster and provide you higher access to watch and enjoy those along with spending good family times.

So, what are you waiting for? Just install this for future use.

Here we are describing few newly developed add-ons below. Have a look.


This has been considered as the next and one of the biggest things in the world of Kodi. Poseidon always comes under all the impressive media content’s list that is updated regularly. This acts like the footsteps of Covenant and exodus basically, during the early days when it was in the beginning for gaining popularity.

You can find this add-on for the Nerds and Noobs repository. In the following, we have briefly the installation step, follow this precisely,

  • Initially, launch the application Kodi V17 > press the symbol ‘Gear’
  • You will find a list of configuration, Choose the option ‘File manager’
  • Select the option ‘Add source’
  • Double click on the ‘none’ > enter specific URL
  • Name the specific source ‘Soulless’ > click on OK button
  • Go to the menu ‘Add-ons’ > click on the symbol ‘Package’
  • Select the option ‘Install from Zip file’
  • Double click on the ‘Soulless’
  • Again double click on the option ‘repository.soulless-1.0.4.zip’
  • Installation message will appear > click on the ‘Install from repository’ option > select the ‘Soulless repo’
  • Go to the ‘Video add-ons’ > click on the ‘Poseidon’
  • Click on the install button > enjoy using the Poseidon


You may have heard about the most popular add-ons of Kodi, i.e Exodus. Here the Gurzil is the fork of Exodus, you may say. Actually, this is the perfect substitute for Exodus, that’s why considered as the Exodus fork. After it has been called as quit, by the developers of Exodus, various new Kodi add-ons include Gurzil.

gurzil add on for kodi

Under the smash repository, you can find Gurzil.


Guys, you must say that you have heard the name of ‘Mobdro’, one of the most famous Google app. But here, the new add-ons of Kodi, that is Mobdina may not be so popular with you. If not, remember the name of this specific Kodi add-on.

However, in recent years this has gained so much importance that it has gone one more step by offering TV shows and Movies alongside the live sports and IPTV channels. You can make your time for entertainment very exciting while using the ‘Mobdina’ add-on.


This new Kodi add-on ‘The Resistance’ is just the exact replica and the whole new addition of Exodus and Covenant. The most popular categories of Kodi add-ons are totally same as it has on The Resistance.

Do you know anything about “the Resistance”?

Well, you may get several important information here. The Resistance includes TV shows and the Movies. In the section of trending movies, the latest movies can easily be found.


Another best Kodi add-on includes ‘Strictly HD’. In this specific add-on, you will find the list of latest TV shows and entertainment movies on HD. No links will be available here strictly, which can show the poor quality media content.

So, guys, you will obviously need to view the TV shows, entertainment channels and other new movies in HD? Then, what are you waiting for? Go and install this ‘Strictly HD’ Kodi add-on fast and enjoy viewing the best quality shows in your home.



This is the specially dedicated catch up TV and live streaming add-on, basically used for the sports lovers. Are you among them? Then go fast download this on your Kodi. It will help you watch various sports streaming channels, mainly for the Tennis, Cricket, Football, Cycling, Racing, Ice Hockey and many more.

Different pre, as well as posts shows and their highlights, are easily available here. The offered channels include,

Fox Sports, BT Sports, SkySports, Box Nation, NBCSN, Racing UK, Star Sports and many others.


You should know about this specific Kodi add-on, which is not available in the Fusion Repository. But you can find this in Adryan List Repository.

This always comes with the long list of sports Kodi add-ons. This is mainly the well-known streaming platform that runs by the own media player. If you need to run the AceStream on your Kodi, what you need to have is the Plexus Player.

Plexus add-on is available in the Fusion Repository no doubt. If you have this player, update the module >and run the stream from the ‘AceStream’ onto your Kodi.


Many channels of live sports are featured by Rising Tides, which includes BT sports, Fox Sports, Bein Sports and ESPN. In the Mulla Fabz repository, you can find this add-on.

So, are you willing to watch sports on your free time? Try using this Kodi add-on fast. Even if you are not intended to miss any of the series of sports, Rising Tide will help you out of this.

You can find several options here that can make this much more interesting. Do you find some empty sections? Yes, this can happen too. But for this, you really not have to worry. In the other options, you will get countless channels.


This specific add-on has also gained too many massive fans just due to their live streaming of the sports. Halow Live TV does not need the assistance of ‘Sports Devil’. But you can see most of the add-ons will require this.

In videos, you can find several independent links along with the great quality of streaming. UFC matches and boxing can also be found and featured by the ‘Halow Live’.

halow live tv add on

So friends, what are you waiting for? Go and download this highly popular Kodi add-on you must need as a sports fan.


The whole new sports Kodi add-on ‘Deliverance’ has been introduced mainly by Paul Aspden. This is the man who also introduced the Lily Sports, in the world of Kodi.

In recent years, this has become so much popular that all the sports lovers have developed a huge craving for using this Kodi add-on ‘Deliverance’. This offers numerous live TV channels during presenting all the viewers, the fabulous experience of game highlights and those you have ever missed.

So, don’t wait but download this in order to get the extremely good flavor of gaming.



The newest introduction in the World of Kodi is the Nemesis. There are various interesting features it offers, which make the Kodi users totally surprised. 4k video resolutions are offered by Nemesis, which is far better than the 1080p resolution.

So, are you willing to watch TV shows and movies with 4K resolution? Don’t forget to install these highly interesting Kodi add-ons immediately.

This offers lots of interesting features that always come with the affordable price range. If you really want you to use this, you are required to sign-up here through the Real-Debrid. It will cost you at least €16, for the 6 months of subscription.


Have you heard anything about ‘Atom’? Yes, if you don’t, you should know that this is another very popular video add-ons.  You can watch movies and spend a good family time with this best Kodi add-on.

This has a wide sphere which makes it too much valuable you can’t imagine. For several interesting things, this has been made as one of the best suited Kodi add-ons throughout the World.

In spite of this, you may be amazed to see its advancing categories of offerings for the users. Some separate kinds of TV shows, movies, Kids section and live IPTV make the ‘Atom’ well-known for you. All these new categories have the 4k links and we bet you that you will get the best streaming experience of videos rather than other related add-ons.

So, why don’t you choose this? Try this for your first experience.


Real movies, another new and most important Kodi add-on, are specifically built for providing you best movies experience. So, friends, we think the wait is over that you were expecting for.

It offers you all the shows in HD, 3D and 4K video quality, which is really good. But for getting the best essence, you have to check the things first, for gaining experience also. The main section of categories includes Movies, Boxsets (TV channels), comedy sections and many others.

As this specific Kodi add-on is updated regularly, so many people prefer these most rather than other related add-ons.

Just don’t wait for long, subscribe this for your entertainment,



This specific Kodi add-on is not just the mobile and PC favorite but you can use this as the brilliant radio add-on. Yes, this is the main purpose of ‘Tuneln’. Have you heard anything about this Kodi add-on? If you don’t, you should know that Tuneln acts as a perfect solution for only those who love to listen to the music.

Are you one of them? Well, use your Tablets and smartphone with the Kodi. The features of conventional browsing can also be used by you, which is also very good to search for different music stations by language, location, and genre.

tune in radio kodi add on

If you do this, it’s fine but in another case, you can also search for the stations you like the most.

You can subscribe to free account on the Tuneln. But if you do this, you can sync directly all your favorite radio stations mainly to the media players of Kodi. When you are not in the mood for routine playlists, you can directly go for the random trip of radio all over the world with this well known Kodi add-on.


All over the Kodi world, Rave Player has reached the millstone to entertain the users a lot. Its vast collection of the music library and the ease of using feature successfully entertain most of the music lovers. So, are you one of them? Then, install and subscribe this for maximizing your music passion.

The ‘Rave Player’ is frequently updated Kodi add-on, which attracts the user’s attention by adding several new albums on regular basis.

If you notice this precisely, you will see that the presence of Mixtape section and DJ sets makes it quite different from another popular music add-on.


Are you really interested to know about this specific Kodi add-on, ‘The Music Source’? Well, it will provide you better experience to listen to music. If you start using this, you will notice how amazingly it will offer things other than the things.

Alongside vast libraries of music, this specific Kodi add-on ‘The Music Source’ features IPTV channels of music and various radio stations streaming features specifically to entertain the users. So, once you use this, you will get to know what kinds of entertainment you receive the most, it’s just amazing.

In spite of this, the Music Quiz section is also designed in order to expand your overall thoughts and knowledge based on the music lovers and Kodi users.



Do you know guys, this best Kodi add-on I sone of the most interesting and popular among the movie lovers? This provides you the access to watching over 50 channels, based on entertainment and sports.

Are you willing to get entertained with the ‘SmoothStreams’? Well, by using this, you can be able to stream lots of TV channels, live events, TV shows and many more. For streaming, there are various qualities available such as 540p, 108p, and 720p.


Do you know friends from where Elysium has developed as a Kodi addon? Yes, for gaining more information you should know that Zen has gone through several major changes and this is referred to the newest Kodi addons ‘Elysium’.

If you need to know about Zen, we must say this is some of the most important Kodi add-ons for streaming TV shows and movies. Several latest movies, like Logan, and many more shows such as ‘The Walking Dead’ are offered by this for smooth streaming.

This has become one of the most popular and entertaining Kodi add-ons by updating the library constantly and compatibility.

If you have already heard something about it, you must know about its older versions. Earlier version makes this the attractive add-on. As per our assumption and thoughts by doing the survey, we think this comes just next to Exodus.

Then, what are you waiting for? Go and download this most reputed Kodi addon for watching latest movies, animations, documentaries, TV shows, music and entertainment.


Here is another best Kodi add-on that offers lots of ‘library of contents’ that you can watch mainly on Kodi. But the question arises from where it can be available?

In the ‘Noobs and Nerds repository’, you can find this easily.

By using this Kodi add-on, you can stream movies, sports, TV shows, and many other entertainment channels. If you use the earlier versions, you must notice that the BOB is just the return of Blue and Valhalla. These were found previously on the Phoenix.

In spite of this, you will be able to stream sports; can listen to your favorite music with the use of different channels in various languages.



Are you in need of Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon Jr.? Then nothing will be better than this specific Kodi add-on. This offers very impressive selection of content along with most convenient navigation system.

This is so easy to use that even your kids are able to take control of the ‘Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon Jr.’ add-on.  They have grown obsession to drive these.

nick jr add on kodi

We can assure you that it will be very much safer for your kids. This is because, the TV shows that are suitable for only the underage children, will be shown here.


This is another most suitable Kodi addon for kids and you will find this on the Xunity Talk Repository. Are you facing issues on URL? Yes, this can happen. But don’t worry; this will not create any huge problem further.

Several contents, appropriate for the children, are shown in this new Kodi add-on, ‘Cartoon HD’. While installing this, you can choose the best from varieties of movies, TV shows that expand the learning of children. This offers the perfect and exact entertainment source.

So, download and install this fast, just for your children.


This is one of the most famous kodi addons, previously available on the Fusion repository. However, in current days, you will find this on the Dandy media.

There is nothing better than this specific Kodi add-on. If you get in touch with this, you will see that the easy navigation make the children happy and they can enjoy all sorts of happiness by watching these. It offers more interesting organized content and user-friendly layout make this add-on ‘Most popular’ among the kids.



Are you in search of the best health and fitness add-ons? Well, in such case, you should know that among various health and fitness Kodi addons, Pulse fitness is the most renowned probably. This guides you towards various fitness programs and provides you a large number of informative ideas about diet-tips, yoga, exercises, weight-lifting and many more.

Collection of highly motivational videos will make you lead a totally healthier life.

So, are you interested to download this? Do this fast.


This is another new Kodi addons which offer lots of motivational videos and interesting workout programs. Are you among those individuals who are doing initial workouts? Then follow this Kodi add-on precisely. You will get to know more about various workout performances, shows, and programs that will be really beneficial for you.

So guys just don’t wait for longer. Download this Kodi workout add-on fast.

You may found this useful: Best VPN for Kodi,   Showbox Download 


Among the best live TV add-ons, this is probably the best. You will find several fitness videos tutorials and ‘Fitness TV’, here.

Once you use it, you will find how amazingly it offers health and workout programs as well as fitness videos of celebrities. This will surely help you to get your proper diet planning, yoga and mental fitness guide.

So friends, just don’t wait for downloading these newest Kodi addons.

Here in this whole article, we have described so many different Kodi addons that if you want to get more information, you will get these here easily. This is actually best guiding you to entertain yourself after a stressful life or even when you get stuck with your personal problems regarding anything.

So guys, we highly recommend you to download and install any of the Kodi addons you prefer the most, by using which you can easily watch entertaining movies, films, TV shows, cartoons, sports, listen to music and radios, and can do whatever you want to.

30 Best Kodi Addons for Movies, Sports and TV Shows
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