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Online streaming is the latest trend in the developing platform of the internet and how it is used. People mainly the young population is making the choice between using a normal cable TV connection and choosing to opt for streaming their contents over the internet.

Streaming services have been available for some time now but it used to be a parallel market or industry giving user choices that are not available on from TV or as an option to catch up on what you have missed.

It is the recent developments in software development and how people are using the internet that both the platforms are head to head. With the rise of a variety of options on the internet, the way entertainment is marketed has inevitably developed.

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What is Kodi Player?

Kodi is a media player that enable users to stream content over the internet. Slowly and steadily the software has gained in popularity and now is one of the top options to consider when choosing an online streaming solution.

Kodi player for its huge database of content and all-in-one features has no doubt reached a noteworthy position. Not only is it an open-source software, but also a freeware (a freeware is a software that is available for free download).

Kodi Player

The Kodi player a well-structured software providing the great user experience.The Kodi player’s popularity is aided by the user interface of the software. The developers have really done wonders with the software. By designing the plate in ways that makes browsing through and fetching desired content a piece of cake, Kodi has done a great job.

Menus and search functions are easy to find and easy to use giving accurate results. Use Kodi to see movies, TV shows, sports, cartoons, anime and much much more. Kodi gives you access to the widest variety of content available on the internet which makes it so popular among users.

Why use Kodi?

The wide range of available content and well-structured user interface are not the only factors that contribute to the software’s popularity. The Kodi player is compatible with multiple operating system and platforms. The software is easily available for PC, laptops, tablets, smartphones and some other devices used in streaming services.

Not only streaming from the internet, the Kodi player can also play media from your local or network storage, browse through your on-device storage and access your downloaded media. No wonder Kodi player has become a name taken seriously when talking about streaming services.

The Kodi player also has free to download add-ons from different sources. Add-ons for Kodi makes the Kodi player even more powerful, adding features and options that make the player even more capable. You can also find plugins for Kodi player, install Kodi plugins on your web browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as they let you do wonder from your browser using Kodi.

Add-ons and plugins are extra or optional related software packages that help in making the player and related or connected applications work better together.

Kodi Player Setup:

Kodi player as already mentioned is one of the most popular choices for online streaming services. Just like the user interface of the plate, the installation process involved in setting up Kodi is quite simple too. The easy availability and compatibility of the software with multiple platforms like desktops and laptops, android and apple devices and other streaming platforms makes set up of the software a piece of cake.

With options to customize your Kodi with skins and other options, the player is very user-friendly and stable. As we proceed with the installation of Kodi player, it’s better to know about the different available versions and editions. The developers of Kodi maintain the software remotely by their servers in the form of updates. These updates either tweak the existing software of upgrades the version.

There are different versions of Kodi, so it’s important for you to understand how each edition is set up and operates. Below I’ve prepared a guide that will explain the ins and outs of each version and edition of Kodi including steps required in its installation.

Installing Kodi on Windows 7 and 8:

The Kodi player is available for Windows operating systems including Windows 7 and Windows 8 platforms. Follow the steps below to get Kodi installed on your system.

  1. From your Windows 7 or 8 system, run the default web browser.
    Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as the internet explorer may not properly with Kodi’s website.
  2. Download KODI setup by clicking the below download button. You can use Kodi’s official downloads page.
  3. Choose between the two available editions: Jarvis 16.1 and Krypton 17.
    Don’t get confused if you are not asked to choose your Windows edition. The downloaded installer detects your system credentials and installs the required edition.
  4. When the file has finished downloading, Run the installer
  5. Press Next, select the installation location and proceed with the installation
    The installation process is a standard process for any other software.

The total installation process should take around 5 minutes to complete and is simple enough to be done by the most tech handicapped person as well.

Installing Kodi on Windows 10:

If you have already upgraded to the latest version of Windows operating systems, the installation process is a bit different. The latest version in the series of operating systems, Windows 10 has arrived and is a bit different from its predecessors.

Kodi Installing Guide On Windows 10

This edition of Windows operating system works on the universal apps module which is a bit different from its platforms. Go through the below guide to know how to install Kodi on windows 10.

Steps to Install Kodi on Windows 10:

  1. Open your web browser
    Recommended browsers: Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  2. Access Kodi’s official website to download the software or you can go to the link below to directly access the download location.
  3. Choose your preferred version between Jarvis 16.1 and Krypton 17.
    The installer will automatically identify fetch the version for Windows and start the download
  4. Choose to Run the installer when download completes
  5. Finish the installation using the Installation wizard and move ahead

The software installs like any other software for Windows system. For Windows 10, you can also download Kodi using an alternative option.

As already discussed the Windows 10 is a more advanced software than its previous versions. The operating system also operates with universal apps, the first Windows OS to do so. These apps are accessible on any device that runs on Microsoft Windows 10.

The same app is developed for handheld devices and computers that run on windows 10. You can choose to get Kodi by using this alternative method. Just follow the simple steps given below. But before progressing, make sure that you are logged-on to your Microsoft account if you are not going to settings and log in first and then proceed with the steps given below.

Alternative Step:

  1. Open your web browser
    Use Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or the newly launched Microsoft Edge
  2. Go to Microsoft’s official website and access the store
  3. Type in Kodi in the available search field and execute the search
  4. Click on Get the App to install the Kodi app on your Windows 10 system.

Now you have successfully downloaded the Kodi player on your Windows 10 system. Go ahead and configure the Kodi app as per your system and choice.


Using an older version of Kodi is ok but its time you shifted to the latest version of Windows. As the software develops more every day, inevitably the support for the older versions will be withdrawn. This can increase security threats and glitches. Once support for a version is stopped so will the updates to it. So as advised above, it is better to switch to the latest version Windows 10. If you are through the process of installing Kodi on your Windows system, go ahead and install the media player.

Installing Kodi on MAC:

Installing Kodi on Mac

If you are sold on Kodi after learning it’s many features and how powerful the software is. Or if you have been using Kodi on your previous windows system, do not, as I have the solution to both problems. It a matter of a few simple steps that you’ll be done installing Kodi on your MAC system.

  1. Open your default web browser
    Default browser Safari or any other downloaded (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc)
  2. Click the link provided below to directly access the download directory.
  3. The software will be downloaded in a disk image-form. Safari will auto-mount the disk image. Click and hold to drag the downloaded file in the Applications folder to install the program
  4. You have now successfully installed Kodi on your Mac system

Important Tip: Gatekeeper

If your present system is Mac OS 10.8 or higher you may get a message saying “can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer”. This message is generated by the gatekeeper of the operating system. The Mac system by default discourages download and installation of files from unknown or unrecognized sources. If you already have downloaded the installer from the official website of Kodi, you just need to bypass this warning. Follow either of the two methods given below.

Recommended / Express:

Press and hold Command button and click the Kodi desktop icon and select Open.


  • Go to Apple menu and choose System Preferences
  • Click on Security and Privacy the select General
  • Unlock the padlock on the bottom of the window and enter the admin password if asked

You are now done bypassing the Gatekeeper policy of Mac.

Installing Kodi on Android Device:

As already told earlier the Kodi player is available for almost every modern tech platform. Android phones cover the largest market for smartphones around the world and are presently the most popular platform for mobile phones. The Kodi app for Android devices as easy to install as is downloading. The app is supported by most of the updated mobiles and some old ones. The Android version also receives updates from time to time. Installing Kodi on Android is very easy and when compared to the other options it feels like a piece of cake. Just follow the made easy steps below and get Kodi on your android phone today.


Download Kodi on Android Device

  1. Access the mobile phone’s menu and open the Google Play store
  2. Type in Kodi in the available search field and press enter
  3. Press the install button and wait for the process to complete
  4. Now you can find the Kodi app present on the home screen of your phone

When you have successfully downloaded and installed the Kodi android app on your device, let’s get into some of the details. If you already have Kodi installed on your PC or are familiar with the software you can easily find similarities. It is almost the same layout just a more compact one.

The Android version of Kodi does not only look and feel similar to its desktop or laptop version, it is almost as powerful. Also, install add-ons from repositories just in the same way as on a PC.

Installing Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick:

Amazon Fire Stick is a modern streaming device and one of the most popular developments in the field. If you are an existing user of Amazon Fire TV Box or Amazon Fire TV Stick but not using Kodi with it, then you are missing out on a lot of amazing features. Installing Kodi on your on your Amazon Fire Stick or box makes the device even more powerful. So if you are looking for ways to install Kodi on your Amazon device, you have come to the right place. Below I’ve prepared a guide that will help you integrate Kodi. The process can fell a bit too long but trust me its worth it.

Installing Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick


  • A Windows or Mac or Linux PC
  • Apps2Fire app for Android OR ES Explorer from Amazon App Store

Now follow the guide below and proceed with the installation of Kodi on Amazon Fire TV stick or Box

  1. Go to the Settings of Amazon Fire TV device
  2. Navigate to System
  3. Turn On both features named: ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown

Turning on the above two options will allow you to install Kodi from the mentioned processes below.  As Kodi is an unofficial app for Kodi, you need to work around the permissions.

Using AdbLink:

Installing Kodi using adbLink on your amazon fire device, will require you to download the software on your computer and also the version of Kodi you wish to install. You can choose either of the two: 16.1 Jarvis or 17 Krypton. Continue with the steps below.

  • Open the Settings of your Amazon Fire Stick/ Box
  • Select Settings
  • Click on About and choose Note down the Amazon Fire device’s IP Address and the wireless network your devices are connected to
  • Run the AdbLink application on your computer
  • Click on New from the top of the window and type in a name in the available field
  • Go to Address and type in the noted down IP address of your Amazon device
  • Ensure Media Centre of Choice is Kodi and click to Save
  • From the adbLink homepage, click on Connect at the top. Your Amazon Fire device will be visible on the connected devices list
  • Click on Install APK
  • Find the apk file, click to open and press Yes. This will initiate the installation process
  • Press OK when notified about installation being complete

Next, I’ll explain the process involved in installing the Kodi on your Amazon Fire device by using Apps2Fire. This method is a bit different, requiring an Android handheld device to go about with the installation.

Using Apps2Fire:

First, start off downloading the Apps2Fire from Google PlayStore and the Kodi app as well and proceed with the below steps.

  • Access the System section of the Amazon device
  • Click on Settings and select
  • Note down the IP address just like in the above method
  • Run the Apps2Fire on your Android device
  • Swipe right and access the Setup section in the app
  • Enter the IPAddress of your Amazon device
  • Ensure to keep all devices in use connected to the same wifi network
  • Click on Fire TV apps
  • Choose Local Apps and choose click to install

When the installation is complete check the Amazon Fire Stick or Amazon Fire Box and locates the installed Kodi app.

Installing Kodi on Chromecast: 

If you are an existing user of Chromecast you very well know how useful the gadget can be. It makes screen sharing as easy as it has never been before. But it also gives rise to questions. That is why I have the appropriate answers in the guide below. You also may have asked yourself, what if you could access Kodi from your Chromecast. The answer is Yes, yes you can integrate Kodi with your favorite Chromecast device.

Installing Kodi on Chromecast


  1. A Chromecast dongle
  2. HDMI supported HDTV
  3. An active and stable Wifi connection
  4. A computer or Smartphone (Android) and a USB cable or a wall mount

Method 1:

Let’s start by installing the following three apps on your android phone
Kodi, LocalCast and ES File Explorer

  • Download XML on your android device
  • Copy the .XML file to the Kodi user data folder
  • Open ES File Explorer
  • Click the menu from top left corner and select Settings
  • Access Display Settings and click Show Hidden Files
  • Copy the XML file
  • Navigate to Android and select data
  • Select org.xbmc.kodi
  • Click on files and select .kodi and choose user data
  • Paste the copied PlayerFactoryCore.XML here.
  • Open the Kodi app and start a video of your choice. The LocalCast app will automatically pop-up
  • Select your TV in the LocalCast app
  • Minimize the Chromecast app and stream your favorite content

Method 2:

Install both Kodi and Google Cast apps on your device

  • Open Google Cast and select Cast screen/audio
    Access the menu from the top left corner and select cast screen/ audio
    Click OK and continue
  • Wait for the Chromecast device to detect your TV
  • Open the Kodi app and play a video.
  • Now that your Chromecast device has detected your HDTV, the video you are streaming will be cast via your Chromecast device.

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Installing Kodi on iPhone / iPad:

Installing Kodi on iPhone / iPad

Kodi can also be used from an Apple iPhone or iPad and I have prepared the easiest guide for you to complete the setup process. I will be discussing the methods of installing Kodi on both a Jailbroken device and a normal device.

Jailbroken iPad/ iPhone:

Before you move ahead with the installation process, ensure that you have the app named Cydia from the App Store. The Cydia app will be the app store for a jailbroken Apple phone or tablet. If you use this app you will get access to plenty of apps that are not available in the Apple app store. Also, you can get the apps that have been taken down. After downloading Cydia continue with the following steps.

  • Run the Cydia app
  • Click on Manage and click Sources
  • Select Edit then tap on Add
  • Type in the link given below to access the repository
  • Then click on Add Source
  • Select team Kodi from the list of sources
  • Select Kodi-iOS
  • Tap Install and Confirm to proceed with the installation

Without Jailbreaking:

You can also choose to install the Kodi player on your iPad/ iPhone without having to jailbreak your apple device. Jailbreaking is a pretty easy process to work around the permissions and restrictions but it also makes your device void of the warranty. Follow the steps below to install the Kodi app using Sideloading method.


  1. iOS Signer
  2. Xcode 7
  3. A build for Kodi iOS
    Windows 7 or higher system
  4. Cydia extractor
  5. A Kodi build for iOS (.deb file)
  6. Up to date iTunes and 7-zip file converter

Using Xcode 7 and iOS Signer:

Follow the below steps to install Kodi

  • Plug in the iPad or iPhone to your Mac computer
  • Run Xcode
  • Select to start a new iOS project in Xcode
  • Use the name Kodi and create the unique identifier
  • Click on Fix issue if you receive any warning messages
  • Create a free developer account and login
  • Select your dev team
  • Open the iOS Signer and pick a Signing Certificate and a Provisioning Profile
  • Click Start and select the output location ensuring you select the deb as the input file
  • Go back to Xcode and select Window menu and click on Devices
  • Select the iPad or iPhone from the list of connected devices and click the plus button from the bottom and select the generated file to install

Using Cydia and Windows:

  • Right-click on the Kodi.deb and extract using 7zip
  • Click OK
  • Right-click the newly created tar and extract the files
  • From inside the newly created Data Folder select Applications and locate the Kodi app
  • Create a new folder inside the Applications folder naming it Payload
  • Drag and drop the Kodi app to the Payload folder
  • Right click on this file and select 7zip and click on Add to Archive
  • Ensure if the archive format is set to zip and name the archive as ipa and click OK. Now you have successfully created the installation file
  • Connect the iPhone or iPad to your Windows computer and close iTunes (it should start automatically)
  • Extract the Cydia Impactor and open exe
    Do not use Run as administrator. Your iOS device should be detected by Cydia
  • Drag and drop the ipa file that you just created
  • Enter your Apple ID and proceed
  • Go to Settings and select General
  • Choose Profile and Device and select Trust Apple ID and install the file

Congratulations, now you have successfully installed and configured Kodi player on your iPhone or iPad.

Installing Kodi on Apple TV:

Installing Kodi on Apple TV

It is also very much possible if you can install and configure the Kodi app with your Apple TV to access contents directly from the device. There are two major ways in which you can install the application on your Apple device. Just follow the guide below in case you want to install the software.

Method 1:

Using Xcode and iOS app signer

  • Plug in the Apple TV to a Mac computer
  • Initiate a new tvOS and select the Application project in Xcode
  • Name the project as KodiAppleTV and create the identifier. Lso create a unique bundle identifier for the same project
  • Press Fix Issue if you receive any warning messages
  • Access the developer account
  • Select dev team
  • Open the iOS App Signer
  • Pick a Signing Certificate and a Provisioning Profile
  • Click on Start and select the Output Location. Ensure you are using the Kodi.deb file as the Input File
  • Return to Xcode application and select Window menu and click on Devices
  • Select the AppleTV from the list of connected devices and click the plus button from the bottom and select the generated file to install

Method 2:

Using Cydia Impactor and Windows system

  • Right click on Kodi.deb file and extract it by using the 7-Zip
  • Click OK to create a new folder
  • Select tar file and again extract it using 7-zip
  • Select Applications from inside the Data Folder
  • From inside the newly created Data Folder select Applications and locate the Kodi app
  • Create a new folder inside the Applications folder naming it Payload
  • Drag and drop the Kodi app to the Payload folder
  • Right click on this file and select 7zip and click on Add to Archive.
  • Ensure the archive format is set to zip and name the archive as ipa and click OK. Now you have successfully created the installation file
  • Connect the iPhone or iPad to your Windows computer and close iTunes (it should start automatically)
  • Extract the Cydia Impactor and open exe
  • Extract the Cydia Impactor and open exe
    Do not use Run as administrator. Your iOS device should be detected by Cydia
  • Drag and drop the ipa file that you just created
  • Enter your Apple ID and proceed

Run the Apple TV to check the availability of Kodi after the installation is complete.

Best Add-Ons for Kodi:

Kodi add-ons contribute by adding extra functions and features making the platform function better. If you install Add-ons with Kodi Player, you will get access to a huge variety of contents like Movies, TV Shows, Sports, and Live TV. As the firmware version of Kodi players does not include Add-ons, you will need to configure it manually.

When performing some specific function on Kodi player add-ons come in handy. Added features and bonus options added by the add-on makes it a lot easy for users to browse through and the exact content. The add-ons are optional data packages and should be chosen wisely as each add-on is developed for specific functions. Try to be sure of the functionality when choosing an add-on for your Kodi player.

List of Popular Kodi Add-Ons:

Kodi player being an open-source software, add-ons are developed by various third-party developers, the experts develop add-ons and also maintains its functionality to improve the Kodi performance. Slowly growing in popularity among users these add-ons Kodi players is compatible with most online streaming sources like Youtube and Hulu and many more. Bringing great features directly to Kodi player users, these add-ons are surely no doubt trustworthy.

Below I am listing various popular add-ons that you can use for watching your favorite videos on Kodi media player. These add-ons contain the largest database of contents like movies, TV, News, and Sports etc. Follow the guide for easy download and install add-ons to your Kodi player. Explore the largest collections with great new and unique features using Kodi Add-on.


Covenant is a popular Kodi add-on being the successor of the discontinued add-on Exodus. Exodus was taken down for reports against in early 2017. The add-on is developed by THE ALPHA is taking giant strides since the exclusion of Exodus due to its improved interface of its predecessor’s incorporating the known functionality and layout of the applet. Meanwhile, Exodus has also made its way back into the market receiving silent updates from developers and slowly coming back into popularity like it used to.


Covenant kodi add on

The Covenant addon can be found in the repository named Colossal Repository. You can download Colossal repository to integrate the add-on or download it directly from the repository using Github. I would recommend downloading Covenant Kodi addon through Github.


Specto is a popular choice of add-on for watching movies on Kodi media player that offers the same experience to that of the outcast Exodus add-on. You will see the very prominent similarities between Exodus and Spector in the layout and the content ( Movies and TV shows) the add-on. The significant difference between Exodus and Spector is that Spector receives more frequent updates. You can experience a lag time when installing the plugin, nothing to worry about just ensure you are installing the latest release version.



The much talked about Exodus, is often a benchmark of comparison when talking about other similar add-ons. Exodus has faced many hurdles from authorities but refuses to bow down and is still actively used in the Kodi community. I will recommend you not to download the latest version but to go one step down. The layout of Exodus is very easy and clean accompanied with one of the largest databases. With Exodus, you can easily browse for movies, sports and other contents using filters like ratings, artists, awards and etc. Most of the available content has multiple links to stream from making it the most popular primary option when choosing an add-on for Kodi.

BBC iPlayer:

BBC iPlayer just as the names suggest deals mostly with content coming out of the United Kingdom. It is also one of the most trusted names in news media making this popular in the news genre too.

BBC iPlayer addon for kodi

The BBC iPlayer offers a wide range of content from science shows to documentaries. Comedy also is available on the BBC iPlayer add-on. Not only Britishers but people from all corners of the world are fans of British television which really shows in the amount of traffic the add-on draws and its popularity.


Live TV and on-demand content can easily be streamed for free directly from your device. Quantum is not just a normal Kodi player add-on packed with features and has a lot more to offer, and is even capable of hosting other add-ons. It also gives users exclusive access to the much popular Oblivion addon.

Quantum kodi add on

Quantum comes with a dedicated section for Live TV with streams from sources like Pyramid live, Ultra Live, Oblivion IPTV and many more. Every option has their own contents both Live and on-demand to offer for itself. You will easily notice the crossovers of the US and UK based sources.

Previously the app was available with the name Sanctuary Kodi add-on until being rebranded. The installation process has also undergone few changes but is still available from the original repository. Install the Quantum add-on and access everything from IPTV to on-demand services like movies and anime.


Staying true to its name this add-on specializes in content related to sports, and at the same time giving you options for Live TV similar to some other add-ons like Castaway and cCloud TV. The sportsdevil add-on can access live television streams from various links including sources like shadownet.ro. Go through a variety of available options when every included source put together.

With many Kodi add-on going offline of late SportsDevil has managed to survive the scare of getting shut down. Unlike the affected ones, SportsDevil is still available for your Kodi player. Only very few add-ons available for Kodi that specializes in sports are of the same level as the SportsDevil add-on has been a mainstay with users and fans who want to use the Kodi player for watching their favorite matches and bouts.

Go through the guide below to know how to integrate SportsDevil add-on with your Kodi player. Follow the easy steps and complete the installation process in a jizzy.

Precaution and Safty: Use VPN 

Kodi media player as you should understand by now is one of the most popular online streaming service available at your fingertips. Even if Kodi platform is user-friendly and free of lags, I still recommend you to take a few precautions when accessing media through Kodi.

It is recommended Kodi through a VPN. Users are known to receive copyright infringement messages for streaming movies, sports or other contents. A VPN provides anonymity to you and your system’s location making your system hard to trace and helps in avoiding the unnecessary messages you might receive.

Use a VPN

While analyzing different VPN, I found that the most widely spread server is PureVPN. With the widest range of servers, you can now securely download the Kodi player. The PureVPN is much liked by the internet community for the integrated VPN Manager. This feature helps you in setting up the VPN directly on Kodi making the setup process even easier.

I have used PureVPN extensively with Kodi and the functionality of the program is top notch. Like other VPNs, you are not required to log in to have continuous service when streaming your favorite content on Kodi. Also, I didn’t find any IP leak nor were there any buffering issues when streaming the heaviest of contents. Set up a VPN today to not only securely use Kodi player but also have extra security for your computer.


Kodi players have become a major player and a trusted alternative source of tech and that too, in a short time. It is one of those platforms that and internet savvy people always choose. With just a simple quick setup process and you are done and ready to stream your favorite video content.

Access the services like YouTube and Hulu too from Kodi and bring all your entertainment solutions to place and one device. With the wide range of supported devices and operating systems no doubt why it has gained so much in popularity. Configure your own setup of Kodi and explore the endless amount of content.

Download Kodi – Version 17.6 | Windows | MAC | Android | iOS
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