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Showbox – Connect your business with newer markets. Develop and share videos on Showbox App to mark your presence and stand out. Read on to know more how Showbox Apk can help you reach a wider audience.

Videos are probably the most important tool moving forward into the future. For educational purposes and business, videos are the way to move forward. Such demand such demands have given rise to a lot of demand for people with skills to develop these videos and platforms for required to produce video content.  From small offices to educational institutions and big corporate houses,  almost every sector of the economy all requires a proper marketing structure for better reach and customer/ consumer engagement.  This is a pretty new requirement for businesses to grow and reach out, thus initially increasing costs and investment.

Well, things just got easier for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Now you can easily solve this part of your business on your own or with friend’s help in a matter of minutes. is the answer to your requirements. Showbox APK has the perfect solution for your need, giving you the power to produce the necessary content for your purpose. Students and teachers also can use the platform for progressive work like preparing slideshows and presentations for daily classes and projects. The platform has taken the internet and content developing community by storm with thousands of users using on a daily basis for business and professional work.

What is is a free online video editing platform accessible around the world. The software is modeled is an innovative way, just a website that is it. is itself a video editor, with thousands of options and templates to work with. All you need to do is sign-in and that is it, you will have full access to the platform. was established in the year of 2013, the founding members being Effi Atad an entrepreneur and Tomer Afek former CEO of ConvertMedia. The company was also selected among the top 10 startups of Israel in 2015. Since launch, has really picked up the pace and has developed into a major player in its category.

As mentioned before is an online video editor and it is just a website. The website itself is your video editor. The platform is unique in its way, not requiring any high-end system requirements or hard disc space. An up and running internet connection that is stable, is enough for you to access and produce required video content. is a cloud-based video editor accessible directly from your home or office computer and produce studio quality output easily. is widely used in industries like travel, fashion, cooking, sports and many more. Their market has picked as people across the globe have started to recognize and recommend the product for its easy user interface and thousands of available templates to choose from.

Start Using Showbox – A How-to Guide for Showbox Download

Showbox Download is here to solve your content development problems. To kickstart developing videos for your business or project start off by first visiting the website ‘ ‘. On the homepage, you will find two main options; ‘Watch Video’ and ‘Request a Demo’.

First, let’s sign up for the demo. The demo developed by the company will give you an in-depth idea of what the platform is offering and the technicalities available at your disposal. Fill out the required form that is generated and you will be all done. When you have access to your account, scan through the various available options.  Click to watch the promotional video created by the company for a short intro about’s capabilities.

Note: Showbox video editing software is an online editing software. Neither can you download nor install the software. Just visit the website and sign-in to edit your videos

How works – Complete Tutorial for Free Videos

When you are done with the signup process, simply log in to your Showbox account. When you log into your account, your Showbox homepage will open in front of you.

Click on Get Started, this will redirect you to the Showbox format selection page. Here on this page,

You will see many a sample templates prepared by the developers to get you started. You can use these templates to start off when producing content. There are thousands of templates to choose from. You can also find content specific templates as well; from single scene shows to product reviews and comparison and even countdowns. You can also filter and sort templates by genre to find the desired video format easily.  Filter options like a business, personal, education, tech, and entertainment helps you to minimize time and effort to find your required template from thousands of options. Among the Genres you can also find a Featured section, this shows you the most recent trends and recommended options and even highlights the latest released templates from the developers. Scan through the available options and choose the appropriate template.

Choose a template of your choice to get started. Click on the chosen template to lookup the template details. Every template requires certain assets to work with like video clips, pictures, background score or voice over and many other. Each template is different and developed for certain different purposes. Every template requires different materials ( called assets on ) to develop video content. before moving ahead, you can also watch some related videos. For each template, there are associated videos available in the template details, you can check these videos out to get an idea about the final product will look like on output. These videos will also give you an idea of how to develop videos of the specific genre giving you a head start on your project.

Click on Create and choose a graphics package. Preview the theme before choosing. The graphics package defines how your video/ show looks or feels. You will add texts, images and other assets required for your video.

Click on Choose theme when you have found your desired choice. Name and add a short description

Start by editing your opener, this should be related to your content giving an instant idea of what the video is about. Proceed to add images, video clips and voice-overs or background score to the project in progress. has partnerships with top companies in the internet industry giving free resources and top-notch media to develop better videos. You can add elements from your local storage or use the materials provided by the partners. Showbox has partners like Getty, Giphy, and Flickr, providing royalty-free media content to add to your project. you can add more than one image (up to the limit the project). Add a title and proceed with the project.

Now you can add your main video to the project. On video editor you can record your video by using the onboard webcam, you can also use an external camera to record your video footage. One of the most impressive features of the Showbox video editor is the Green screen integration.

The green screen or Chroma key is a very important tool for video editing and developing used in almost every level of video production. Giant production houses and in-house video producers, all use a green screen for work. A green screen is a quite expensive tool to afford sometimes, as different projects require different sizes of the chroma key. Showbox video editor is unique in this feature, you can literally use your wall as a chroma key in this video editor. You can use this feature by both your onboard webcam or an external one.

Showbox – Green Screen/ Chromakey

To use the green screen feature on Showbox without a proper green screen read on.

Using the Onboard Webcam

When in the record option of Showbox video editor, click to choose your webcam. It can be the Laptops native webcam or one you have connected. In the editing template, a screen will be generated with a blurred silhouette of a man for framing.

Click on Start and move out of the frame let the software scan the background. Move back into the frame when the countdown is over and try place yourself within the given silhouette for framing and click on record option to move ahead.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Use a well-lit room
  • The wall you are using as a green screen should be as solid as possible i.e it should have the very least amount of distractions and as empty. This is very important, not maintaining this will surely cause problems for your final output.
  • Use webcams will produce better output.

External Recording Devices.

 If you want to add your video using a better camera like a DSLR or if you wish to import videos into your project, click on upload and follow the steps. When using an external camera, keep these few things in mind. Record in a very well lit room and use a smooth solid background. If any shadows of you are falling on the background move forward or adjust your position to fix the issue. Before you start recording the content, turn on the recording of the camera and move out of the frame. Let the camera capture a 3-second footage of the empty space and solid background. As you are not using the Showbox Apk video recording template this 3-second footage is required for scanning the background for green screen integration.

The Teleprompter

Do you forget your lines when recording footage? It is a very common problem when working in front of the camera. You already have a lot of things to keep in mind like your posture, the way you speak and how you look. It is no easy task and even the very best of the industry face problems with it. Showbox Video Editor is here with the magical tool that everyone wants. The video editor has an inbuilt teleprompter to make things easier for you. Add your script to the teleprompter and complete your recordings with ease, cutting down time and effort spent in production. No more taking multiple shots for forgetting your lines.

When you are done uploading your video, add an ending text and click on Next to proceed. Let the Showbox App website video editor finish compiling your video. When the video is compiled, you are now ready to delve into the details. You also choose to publish this version too when compilation is done.

When your video has finished compiling, click on the Edit button proceed with editing. Each section you have created: Opening, Content body and closing can be individually edited. For example, if you want to edit the body of the video, you’ll get a full-scale editing layout. Each element is distributed separately in layers; one for recorder video, one for background, one for audio narration and on. Each of these layers can be edited and controlled individually; you can control the running length, scale perspective, opacity, timing, transitions and many more.

Other than using the software wizard guided technique, you can also choose to develop your own video templates and layouts from scratch.

Develop your Own Format

To develop your own video format you just need to start off a bit differently, just one different click and you will have access to the detailed video creator.

From the Format Selection Page, do not select a template. From just beside the filter option, click on Create Your Own. Now you have to choose the video format you like to start off with. It is the same procedure as mentioned above. You need to select the type of content you want to develop and then go through probably the easiest video editing software available.

The only but biggest difference is you get to edit and modify the video template you choose. The wizard-guided process only lets you add the necessary elements required to complete your video with endless options to choose from. When editing in the Pro mode, you can edit and modify these templates. The template structure will remain the same giving you the option to concentrate only on making the content eye-candy and catchy. Modify and mix elements of different templates into one to make your content stand out. Modify transitions between two scenes, control timeline of list or review templates.

If you are a newbie to video editing this could be a bit difficult to start with, it is advised that you first learn the software in the wizard-guided mode. For a professional, it gives a feeling host happiness as the layout is much simpler than the complimentary software available in the market.

Why choose Showbox?


Showbox video editor or Showbox Editor for PC is a unique product that has not only revolutionized the way the world develops quality content but also the add-on features that only Showbox brings to you.

Firstly,  Showbox has partnerships with huge brands in viral and news media across the globe. These partnerships give you royalty-free content to use in your production. Social media partnerships are also very important today as people are always engaged online and especially on social media.  Through Showbox, you can directly share developed content to the preferred social media platform.

If you have a website, you can also use Showbox video editor to develop videos and directly embed them on your page.  Showbox users all over spread content through facebook and youtube directly from the software.

Secondly, the more important reason for the success of  Showbox APK is the way the software is modeled. The only few requirement to use Showbox App is a proper internet connection, a computer in a good condition and an idea. The software does not involve any download or installation process. You just have to signup and you are done.

When compared with some other major video editors like Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas Pro, there is a huge difference. This two software are offline programs, first talking up space on your computer. Moreover, The content you use in developing a video project like pictures, videos, sound clips etc. they always have to be present on your local drive till the video is rendered. Video editors work a bit differently, the files you use in preparing a project is not copied to the related software clipboard. The content is rather linked and called upon by the software when accessed by the user. This can be a pretty big problem when dealing with more than one project at a time. The raw files and footage of one project can easily take up so much space on your local drive that it becomes impossible for you to even work on the second project on the same system. Showbox Online App has done some magic here, the video editor does not involve any local storage. Whatever content you use to develop content on Showbox APK is directly uploaded to their servers, saving precious space on your computer

So, wrapping up here

The demand for informative and promotional videos to promote and inform the market about a product is very high in this age. the demand for developers of these contents is even higher. If you opening a startup or owing a small scale business, it can difficult to extra capital for investing in promotional activities, but it is definitely as a basic necessity in this day and age and Showbox App is definitely your most viable and easiest solution.

Showbox APK Download | The Online HD Video App for Android | PC | Mac | iOS
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