Four Easy Steps To Update Kodi

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Now enjoy the fringe benefit of a more powerful “Kryptonian” KODI. Update Kodi with the help of this article, you will find all the necessary information.

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Update Kodi With These Easy Steps

Thanks to XBMC, KODI has a new version now- Krypton, aka v17.3. The newer KODI gives several improvements and add-ons to enhance your media experience. Not major functionality changes were introduced rather the upgrades were latent. So, follow the instructions below to update Kodi with ease.Update KodiIt would have been so much wonderful, needless to say, if the updating process had been straight-forward. Unfortunately, KODI update process depends on the platform you are using it on. And every platform, whether it be Mac, Android, Windows etc. has a separate procedure for KODI update.

The updating process for KODI is a jigsaw but you shall easily fit in all the pieces with the help of this article. We present to you four simple steps for updating your KODI in an easy fashion.

What’s New In KODI v17.3, Krypton?

What is KODI firstly? In short phrases, an open source cross-platform multimedia. Let us tell you what KODI brought with v17.3:-

  • Adding to the initial Confluence default skin, KODI introduced the attractive Estuary and the Estouchy theme for touch-based devices.
  • The “settings” grid is preferably well managed than older KODI versions. All the available options are grouped as well as explained in an orderly manner making it easy for the usage.
  • Introduction to Chorus 2 as a new web interface.
  • Modified connection options for PVR add-ons.
  • Improved management of music library and improved tagging options with a support for “mood” based media playback.
  • Apart from Android 4.4, all other android devices can enjoy the enhanced music quality.
  • Along with the new update, the next version pre-builds have started to pop up.
    The update brought good news for Windows 10 users by stepping on the Windows Store with the option of automatic update.
  • The new update also supports game controller add-ons.
  • The new version has also introduced an updated privacy policy which describes how KODI takes user’s information and what does it do with it.

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Before we start, we strongly suggest you use a VPN while enjoying your media stream on KODI because KODI users often receive copyright and legal transgressions from time to time for streaming various media via different add-ons. Using VPN would keep you private.Update Kodi

STEP I: Backup Kodi

Let’s start with the most obvious and the smartest step-backing up, which we follow before we update any software.
It is beneficial to have a back-up- if you ever face technical issues during or after the update or if you ever make up your mind to revert back to the initial state. Backing up KODI manually is easy as all the files are always present at one position in your device.

  • Mac Platform

For backing up KODI on a Mac, make a copy of the folder present in Library-application-support-KODI. Once, “KODI copy” is created, to restore your old KODI files, exit the KODI folder, delete it and rename the “KODI copy” to simply “KODI”. The next time you open KODI, you will be back to the version you used initially before upgrading to Krypton.

Update Kodi

  • On Other Platforms

The aforementioned process for backing up should work coherently on Android, iOS, Linux, Windows or OpenELEC. Here the different KODI folder locations for the different platforms-

1. Android Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/
2. iOS /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Kodi/
3. Linux ~/.kodi/
4. Mac /Users/<your_user_name>/Library/Application Support/Kodi/
5. LibreELEC/OpenELEC /storage/.kodi/
6. Windows %APPDATA%\kodi\

STEP II: Downloading The Latest Version

To make sure the KODI software you download is legitimate, always download from the official KODI website: Choose the platform incompatibility with your device and download it. It is recommended you avoid the Beta version as there is at risk of running into a system crash.

Update Kodi

STEP III: Running the Installer

After the setup download is finished, run the installer as if you are installing KODI for the first time on your device regardless of add-on issues. You can always fix that up later on from the backup folder we described in step I.

STEP IV: Updating Add-ons

It is always preferable for you to check if an update on the add-ons are available after you have installed the upgraded version so that you do not encounter system crash issues frequently.

Update Kodi

If you wish to see the list of all the add-ons you use, follow the path: system-settings-my add-ons- all.

In case of update availability for add-ons, go the selected add-ons and check update for the latest version of it.

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Optional step: Config Wizard installation:

The primary strength of KODI is the third party add-ons which have been a part of KODI since the 10th version.’s Config Wizard is a free as well as an excellent means which-

Update Kodi

1. Automatically downloads the latest bunch of KODI addons

2. Automatically ensures setting up widgets as well as keeping them updated from time to time.

3. It also gives information about which add-ons need to be updated and which are “Recently updated”.

For downloading Config Wizard, install[version].zip in your desktop by following the mentioned pathway: system → settings → addons → install from zip file → desktop.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it. The Steps as we have mentioned should help you out. If you have any queries regarding any of these methods then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

Untill then, we bid you adieu.

Four Easy Steps To Update Kodi
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