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Top Rated Kodi Addon For Live Tv

Are you using Kodi media player for your entertainment services? I have listed the top rated Live TV Kodi Addons for streaming on your Kodi player. Read on to know more about the add-ons and how you can install add-ons on Kodi

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Kodi And Kodi Addons

Integrate extra add-ons into your Kodi player and experience endless new possibilities. Installing an add-on with your Kodi player will give you access to new and different features that are not available with the basic function.

Live TV Kodi Addons

Add-ons on Kodi player packages that add features and options that are not preloaded on the Kodi player. Addons can be very helpful when trying to do something different with your Kodi player.

These optional add-ons are not directly developed by the developers of Kodi. As Kodi is an open-source media player platform, it gives other third-party developers to work and improve the program. These add-ons are slowly but significantly growing in popularity resulting in expansion of their user base.

These add-ons are compatible with plenty of other streaming platforms like Youtube and Hulu and much more also crediting to its popularity. With features like skins and plugins, the Kodi player is highly customizable and add-ons make the player even more powerful.

List Of Best Live TV Kodi Addons

Below I have made a list of the working and stable add-ons that you can use to stream Live TV.

Live TV Kodi Addons

Not all add-ons that you see available in the market functions properly. Read on to know the most stable and popular ones you can use to watch free Live TV on your Kodi player.


Live TV and on-demand content have never been easier to stream for free directly from your device.

Quantum is not just your regular Kodi player add-on but comes with a lot more to offer, even hosting other add-ons. It also has exclusive access to Oblivion addon, you won’t find it anywhere else.

Quantum has a dedicated section for Live TV including streams from sources like Pyramid live, Ultra Live, Oblivion IPTV and many more. Each of the options has their own contents both Live and on-demand to offer for itself.You can notice the crossovers of the US and Uk based sources.

Previously the app was available with the name Sanctuary Kodi add-on till being rebranded to the latest name. The installation process has a seen certain changes but still is available from the original repository.


You can install the Quantum add-on and access everything from IPTV to on-demand services like movies and anime. To install the Quantum ( formerly Sanctuary) Kodi add-on follow the easy guide below.

  • Open the Kodi player app
    Double-click the desktop icon or access it from the Startup
  • From the home screen, click on the System Settings
  • Next, choose File Manager
  • Click on Add Source
  • Type in the following link where you see ‘None’
  • Save the file, you name it as per your wish.
    After saving the link go back to the home screen
  • Click on add-ons and select package
  • Choose install from Zip file
  • Locate and select the file you just saved
  • Click on repository.sanctuary zip file. When the installation is completed successfully you will be notified with a message.
  • Return to Add-ons and select Package
  • Choose Install from repository
  • Find and select Sanctuary repository
  • Click on Video addons
  • Choose Quantum and install it.

You can now use your Kodi player with Quantum add-on integrated. Take advantage of the extra and new features and explore the endless collection of content.

Kodi add-ons are usually structured with almost the same way of functioning. Each add-on tries to do a specific function where Quantum has stepped in and making waves. The Quantum app is capable of doing more than other similar available options.

The best thing about Quantum add-on is that you can access lots of Kodi add-ons that have been taken down by authorities from this add-on itself. If you want to use an add-on that you were previously familiar with, access it from the Quantum add-on.

If you are reinstalling the add-on, don’t be surprised to see a different interface, the add-on has recently undergone makeover acquiring a newer team of developers


Rising Tides is also an option you can consider for accessing Live TV from your Kodi player. The add-on covers almost everything from shows to live sports streaming and other casual entertainment.

The menus of the add-ons are also neatly organized and their main point of sale is the ability of quick access to content. Rising Tides add-on loads and provides stable streams faster than its competitors.

The add-on is yet to make that much of a name for itself in the overcrowded market but eventually is bound to be more popular. You can try out Rising TIdes add-on on you Kodi player.


Read the easy guide below to learn how to install Rising tides add-on with your Kodi player.

  • Open the Kodi player. Run the available desktop icon or use it from start menu
  • Select System Settings from the player’s home screen,
  • Open File Manager
  • Choose the option ‘Add Source’
  • Click on ‘None’, copy and paste the link below into the available field and save it from the source
    When done saving, navigate back to the home screen
  • choose addons and select the package symbol available on the top left
  • Select Install from Zip file
  • Find and select the Rising tides file you just saved
  • Select to install the add-on. When the installation is completed successfully you will be notified with a message.
  • Return to Add-ons and select Package
  • Use the Install from repository option
  • Find and select Rising Tides repository
  • Choose Video addons
  • Select Rising Star and install it.

When the Rising Tides add-on has finished installing on your Kodi device, you are free to access its features and services for free. Using Rising Tides add-on you can access even a broader range of content than what you have access to today. Watch live sports and streams of your favorite content from one single place using Rising Tides.


As the name may sound this add-on specializes in content related to sports, at the same time giving you Live TV options similar to some other add-ons like Castaway and cloud TV.

On SportsDevil add-on, you can access live television streams from various links including popular ones like Browse through the hundreds and thousands of available options when every included source put together.

Recently, with many Kodi add-on going offline SportsDevil has somehow managed to survive the scare of getting shut down. Unlike the affected one, SportsDevil is still available for your Kodi player.

There are very few add-ons available for Kodi that specializes in sports from the same level as the SportsDevil add-on has been a mainstay to users and fans who want to use Kodi player for watching their favorite matches and bouts.

Go through the guide below to know how to integrate SportsDevil add-on with your Kodi player. Follow the easy steps and complete the installation process in a jizzy.

Direct Download

  • Open your default web browser
  • Use the link just below to download the required SportsDevil zip file.
  • When the download completes, open Kodi player
  • Go to Add-ons from the home screen
  • Click on My Add-ons
  • Select Install from Zip
  • Find the downloaded
    When the SportsDevil add-on finishes installing you will be notified with a pop-up message on the top right of the window. Go back to the Kodi player home screen.
  • Select Add-ons and choose Video Add-on, here you can find the installed SportsDevil add-on.

Download from Repository: Shamsh Repository

If you do not wish to download and install the Add-on using the direct download method, you can always choose to use alternative methods. Downloading from repositories can be a practical alternative method that you can use. To install SportsDevil add-on from a repository read the instructions below.

Ensure that you have Smash repo installed on your Kodi player.before you proceed to integrate the SportsDevil addon. When you have installed the Smash repository :

  • Open Kodi player
  • Go to Add-ons
  • Select Package symbol
  • Choose Install from repository
  • Find and select the Smash repository and choose SportsDevil

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Important Tip: USE A VPN

Kodi media player as being one of the most popular options for online streaming service is quite user-friendly and gives seamless functionality. I would still suggest that you follow a few precautions when using it.

Using a VPN to access Kodi is wiser in order to avoid distractions. Community reports suggest that users face copyright infringement messages when using Kodi to stream movies or other available content.

The VPN provides the user with much-needed anonymity and the system’s location making the user hard to trace and avoid irritating and unnecessary messages as pop-up messages.

That’s all we had guys on our list of best Live TV Kodi Addons for streaming Live Tv. In case, you need some assistance or have any query then feel free to drop in our comments section. We love to interact and answer your questions. Till then, we bid you adieu.

Top Rated Live TV Kodi Addons | Total Installation Setup |
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